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Heather Soliday

Jun 23, 2022 will not open

I've paid for the pro version and have had no issues up until now. But today it says "This site cannot be reached". When I try to do a windows network Diagnostic it says " An unexpected error has occurred and the trouble shooting diagnostic will not continue". Any ideas/ I restarted my computer and that did nothing. Thank you, Heather

Michael Mayo

May 16, 2022

Windows 11

I just upgraded to Windows 11. Woodmark worked before with W 10 and now won't work. Have you documented any issues? I reinstalled the extension but no luck. Thanks.

Lea Ann McClung

Nov 19, 2021

how does this work?

I've installed the extension, but I'm not seeing all of my fonts. What is the trick?

Brenda Weidman

Feb 22, 2021

@ Questions

Is there a way to add to the home page on a PC?

Is there a users manual that we can download to use as a tool?

Thank you for your time!
Brenda Weidman

Bianca Brauer

Jan 13, 2021


Boa tarde, eu utilizo a plataforma de vocês há meses e alguns dias estou tentando usar o site e não carrega todas minhas fontes, já tentei de tudo!

Porém mesmo assinando o PRO não está funcionando, desejo o estorno do valor!

Jenny Malone

Jan 3, 2021

What will happen when Flash ends?

Hi Team,

I have just discovered your awesome extension. I'm wondering what will happen when Flash is no longer supported (very, very soon).

Kelly Patterson-Herndon

Dec 9, 2020

Chrome extension

I have used the website in the past without issue. Today it tells me to add the extension but give me an error and will not load. Can you help?

Ashley Barringer

Nov 19, 2020

Website not syncing to computer

I have been able to use the website in the past, when I had to rebuild my computer, I reinstalled all of my fonts. They show up in the system and on other programs but do not sync with the website anymore. I made sure the chrome extension was installed as well.

Elaine Hamilton

Sep 22, 2020

Can't access site. I paid for the premium access.

I keep receiving the following error when I try to access the site.
This site can’t be’s server IP address could not be found.
Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

Jennifer Morales

Sep 9, 2020

pro account - paypal link broken

trying to pay the 24.00 for pro and it links to paypal as page not found

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