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Pavel Ermakov

Mar 24, 2024

Firefox extension, shortcut

Hi, would you mind adding a keyboard shortcut for opening extension window for firefox extension? It is very convenient in chrome extension to show images without touching a mouse.

Yoel Sandel

Jan 31, 2024

Keyboard Shortcut for show Image

Hello, i'm really enjoying your extension, is it possible to make a keyboard shortcut for the show image option? also the shortcut should work to reverse the show image option (currently the extension does not have this option, if i click show images, and i'm not happy with the images i see, i need to reload the page to hide the images again) this will be very useful and i would really appreciate it.
Thank You

David Schwimmer

Oct 19, 2023

I can see that images on BA website do not get covered an example is this image

I can see that images on BA website do not get covered an example is this image

d j

Aug 21, 2023


I have used your remarkable extension for years, but lately the pixels have been blinking nonstop. It is very irritating to look at the screen with all of the blocked images flashing on and off.

Yonatan Apfel

Aug 6, 2023


This extension has BH been great but lately the pixels have been blinking nonstop

ישראל סבהט

Apr 13, 2023

חסימת תמונות \ סרטונים

אני משתמש באתר שיש בו תמונות וסרטונים -
ורציתי לדעת האם שמת לב שברגע שאתה מוריד תמונה \ סרטון,
ובחזרה לעמוד הקודם החסימה עובדת רק על חלק מן התמונות ולא על כולם?
ובשביל שהדבר יחזור לחסימה שלמה צריך לעשות רענון לדף.


Mar 26, 2023


First time i use it properly but next i cannot use it ,always show images all website.I want to use it properly again...


Mar 26, 2023

i am still seeing image everywhere

it is vital problem please fixed it as soon as possible

Joseph Goldman

Feb 13, 2023

No pause.

Thank you for a great addition to the kosher arsenal.
Would it be possible to create a version that does not allow for Pause?
Thank you,
Y Goldman

Christopher Wigginton

Feb 2, 2023

Images showing on Garmin Connect page

When I go to there are large background images showing. FYI

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