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Alex Boghda

Mar 3, 2023

Not working !

When I click on the Wizdler icon in Chrome it brings up the drop-down options but doesn't launch it at all. When I click on Widzler in the drop-down it redirects me to the chrome extension page on the chrome webstore. It says added to chrome, but is not functioning at all.
Scenario: I have visited URL contains a WSDL ( and I have clealy seen the WSDL in my browser and clicked the extension icon.

Alex Boghda

Mar 3, 2023

Could not establish connection

Could not establish connection on or any other website

Alex Boghda

Mar 3, 2023

Options never gets enabled

added Wizdler in Chrome extension turned on and pin to the show pane tried it with, "Options" never gets enabled.. :(

shiva vanguri

Feb 15, 2023


separate window is not getting

Rivka Altshuler

Jun 23, 2022

no icon

I cannot see the icon, I see the "share this page" icon in its location

Amine Lamcharfi

Nov 4, 2021

Expand and collapse feature

Hello, I suggest to add line numbers and option to expand and collapse lines in the request page and response page

Vallabhaneni Sivakrishna

Oct 27, 2021

is this free to use, which EULA comes under

is this free to use, which EULA comes under

Patricio Andrade B.

May 15, 2020

Como puedo enviar el request parámetros header?

Como puedo enviar el request parámetros header?

Liam Duncan

Dec 19, 2019

Memory leak generating request format from wsdl file

Memory leak occurs when generating anything from a specific wsdl file. Other services and wsdl files connected to the same app don't have the same problem.
I unfortunately cannot share the contents as it is on an internal server and details are best left private.

Турыскелды Абилдаев

Jul 16, 2019

Boomerang soap & rest client

при устоновке выходить ошибка image decode failed

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