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Aimee Nelson

Mar 13, 2024


I have trying to go back to my original signature and Wisestamp is still showing up. I have disconnected it to no avail.

Heather schaller

Oct 31, 2023

Trying to add Wisestamp custom signature to yahoo email

I am having trouble adding signature to my yahoo email. It is so difficult to talk to a human with this company. Paid for the upgraded service and it is getting me no where!

Minister Vee

Oct 27, 2023

Email Signature

Hello: I have deleted the Wisestamp email signature several times. It continues to be automatically attached to my email signature. I want it removed permanently! I no longer want to use Wisestamp. Thank you.

Judy S

Oct 23, 2023

Company Mail as OTHER

How can I add the signature on my company email? So far I cannot do so. Please help.

Andre Sam

Aug 15, 2023

Signature not showing up

I've downloaded the extension, but my newly created signature isn't showing up in my emails.

JaVon Martin

Jul 14, 2023

Signature not showing/linking

I upgraded from a solo account to a team account and now my signature wont link to my account. Support has not been able to assist.

Justin Lehr

Jun 13, 2023

email signature

My signature is not showing up on my email

Angie Stevenson

May 31, 2023

My signature disappeared from one of my emails.

My signature disappeared from one of my emails. I still see it when i edit but wont let me add

Melanie Hoag

Mar 11, 2013

New Compose Window

Please modify your extension to also work with the new compose window.

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 4, 2013

wisestamp not showing

Hello, I've been using Wisestamp for a while (Chrome on Mac) and I'm see to be having the same problems as all other users.

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