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Wiseone - Your AI Search & Reading Copilot

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TiffanyApr 25, 2024

WOW!! Henry & Thiago, I really can't believe you...DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TIME AND RESOURCES IT TOOK TO PROBABLY MAKE THIS AT THE TIME?? I guaranteed, YOU WOULD ALSO CHARGE at some point if you had made it too....DO YOU WANT TO WORK FOR FREE? OR RATHER ARE YOU DOING YOUR JOBS YOU DO EVERY DAY FOR FREE?? HIGHLY DOUBT IT!!! Thiago, if you seriously NEED it that bad, you can easily find FREE WAYS...rather than taking 20 minutes to write a NASTY REVIEW, seriously YOU NEED SOME LAW OF ATTRACTION AN... Show more

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Henry LeirvollApr 18, 2024

I completely agree with Thiago Santos below. I loved your product, but now I am uninstalling. I get that you want money for your work, but it isn't really YOUR work, is it? You are using Chat GPT. - and about that .. give me a break! I copied and pasted your long response to Thiago Santos into zeroGPT, and it comes back as 100% ChatGPT generated. - You didn't even respond to him honestly. This is dishonest, and one could wonder if it should be reported.

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Thiago SantosMar 20, 2024

Why is it now paid to use? There is no real fuctionality in it anymore if you're using the basic plan. The whole point of it for me was having contextual results on Google search based on overrall sources, and summarizing articles on websites. Now, I'd say everything relevant is behind a paywall. This is once again a typical bad move every tool, app, company that starts getting big does. You make people enjoy your service, then you put everything that makes it good behind an obnoxious paywall... Show more

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Jonas PetitDeveloperMar 21, 2024

Dear valued user, We sincerely appreciate your feedback and understand your concerns regarding the recent changes to our service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We want to assure you that we are constantly striving to improve our services and provide the best possible experience for all our users. The decision to introduce a paid subscription model was not made lightly. However, it's important to note that developing and maintaining a service like ours requires significant resources. Over the past two years, our dedicated team of six individuals has invested countless hours into research, development, and refinement to bring you the functionality you've come to rely on. As a company, we have ongoing operational costs, including server maintenance, infrastructure, and ongoing improvements to ensure the reliability and security of our service. We also believe our service's value is worth the investment for demanding users like you. We have carefully considered pricing to ensure it reflects the features and benefits offered while remaining competitive in the market: we are one of the lowest-priced providers, reflecting our will to have fair pricing for our users. We also understand that the current pricing may not be affordable for everyone, especially in different regions where currency conversion rates may impact the perceived value. We are actively exploring options to make our service more accessible to users worldwide, including localized pricing and flexible subscription plans. In the meantime, we would like to offer you a discount code so you can continue to experience Wiseone Pro while we work on addressing your concerns. Please reach out to our support team to arrange this. We value your feedback and hope to regain your trust as a satisfied user. Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Sincerely, The Wiseone Team. 💙

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Leonardo “Leo” Cada Jr.Feb 8, 2024

This AI is very helpful to me as a university professor and as a researcher. I recommended Wiseone to my students. Wiseone is really awesome! More power to Wiseone.

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Don PFeb 1, 2024

This an awesome extension and I would not be without it. I hate reading articles on the internet that are verbose and don't get to the point very quickly. I use this extension everyday and I get just the information I need out of articles quickly and concisely. I have told every single friend and relative I have about this extension. Also, the, "ask anything," tab is a quick and easy way to get information on anything on the internet. I can't recommend this extension highly enough.

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Thomas MaioliJan 31, 2024

Just works! Thanks!

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Holger Lindberg JoergensenJan 6, 2024

A fantastic browser extension and the kind of extension you never knew you always wanted till you finally got it. Works like a breeze across all browsers. Cross-checking what you find on a website of interest and getting additional info on the website's content never was easier. I wouldn't want to be without it. Thanks a lot, Wiseone.

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Alex LibreNov 10, 2023

Phenomenal execution, and insane that it's free (at least for now). I've used many browser extensions to help me quickly summarize key information on a webpage (Perplexity AI, Gist AI, Kome, and many others), yet Wiseone is the best that I've come across so far. Flawless execution — it works on every webpage with text content that I've tried it on, has a clean/modern user interface, and by setting the extension to be triggered whenever I hit <option + W> it's insanely easy to get the informat... Show more

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Badash PhilosophyNov 9, 2023

It is a great idea, and the layout stylish, looks very nice and i got no errors. It could be more useful though, the summarised points and main summary are pretty small, i mean i showed it an article that i wrote and it pretty much gave me a tiny blurb of what it was about which u could have gleamed from the title and first paragrapgh which was about the same size anyway. When u use the other feature it still only gave me about 12 points, which is not much considering the article is probably ... Show more

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teonaOct 30, 2023

i installed the extension, i signed with an account but i have no prompter or search button to use it

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