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nafay khan82

Dec 3, 2023

why its not working

hi. when i added this app to my chromebook it did work its my request to you to tell me how to login . thanks

Michaela v-e

Nov 4, 2019

the app won't seem to load on new acer chromebook

installed the app on the chromebook and the wheel just spins and spins.... and spins..

Doesn't seem to want to install or function. i have this app on my phone and want to install on my daughters chromebook for her so we can communicate

Marcel Hinsche

Mar 28, 2017


I really like my experience with the wire messenger so far but I wonder why you did not include emojis/ smileys in the web app. I feel like this has a lot higher priority than GIFs for instance. I really miss those.

Cheers and keep up the good work.

Juan Pradenas

Mar 11, 2016

bad and ugly

please working in other job...your app is trash

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