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Jon RowlandsOct 15, 2022

Love it. Simple and works great. One request: it's hard-coded to always tile the screen exactly in halves. Would be wonderful if, after the user has dragged the tile edges into some other proportion, the move and resize keys respected those edges. Thank you, though, great work.

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Joyce ZhouMar 13, 2020

It's great. Does the job. A few things to make it even better: 1. Allow users to name their workspaces. Instead of "workspace 1", "workspace 2", I'd really like to see them as "debug XXX", "XXX issue work" 2. I think there are some compatibility issue with this extension and multiple screens. When I have 2 screens, sometimes, when I switch workspaces, all windows will squeeze themselves into one screen. This doesn't always happen but I definitely have seen it happen.

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mynexthome 4rentOct 25, 2018

Does absolutely NOTHING! I have played around adjusting keyboard shortcuts but does NOTHING when pressed. IF there are other instructions to make this work, I do not see them anywhere.

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Alican GökOct 1, 2018

This extension fills one of the most, if not the most important missing productivity features for Chrome OS. Works perfectly, although I would have loved it even more if it supported finger gestures, such as a three finger drag to switch between workspaces (I assume this is a limitation of the OS)

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Edu CampiDeveloperNov 6, 2018

Hi, Not sure if possible, as those gestures are reserved for the system usually. I opened an issue so I can dig into that in the future. Thanks!

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I YAug 16, 2018


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Weyland YutaniJul 22, 2018

What was sadly lacking in ChromeOS is now happily in place. Just curious: what language(s) do you use to develop extensions? I was thinking of learning ARM Assembler. Would that be a good idea? (I was a mainframe IBM Assembler programmer long ago. I know the fundamentals. Still miss it.)

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Edu CampiDeveloperSep 1, 2018

Hello, As far as I understand, browsers only understand Javascript natively, but there are tools to write in other languages and transcompile to Javascript. Each language is specially good for something, and each developer likes a different one. For Frontend, you can use Javascrip, Typescrcipt, Dart. For Backend, I like Golang, but a lot of people like Python as well. I would advise to get an idea for a small project, find the best language for it, and then try to learn it :) The code for this extension is opensource, so you can check on the webpage link.

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Earl WagnerOct 29, 2017

As soon as I seen this I became overly excited. The main reason I haven't forced myself to use ChromeOS and instead use Ubuntu via Crouton is because Multiple Workspaces are essential to me. Unfortunately every time I would swap between workspaces the existing chrome window closes and a new tab page gets opened. I am definitely looking forward to this and want to say great start. I might even contribute in the near future.

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Edu CampiDeveloperOct 30, 2017

Hi Earl, Thanks for the feedback. I didn't quite understand the issue. Would you please explain it in more detail? Or even better, submit it as a GitHub issue at Thanks!

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