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2.3K ratings

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Andrew RothmanJun 13, 2024

This is a lifesaver when making videos to use with training materials and marketing content. Being able to set the browser to the right size before recording a demo or walkthrough saves tons of editing time later.

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Damian PultynMay 22, 2024

Super helpful, great that we can create our own presets and attach keyboard shortcuts to them.

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Work LndMay 21, 2024

It does not work

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Angy BrooksApr 17, 2024

Perfect viewport/window resizer. Can set up your own sizes and even set up shortcuts. Super easy to use.

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Santiago BandieraMar 13, 2024

Nice tool! Useful for wide monitors

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javiereduardo rtvc syncMar 5, 2024

Works as spected. Easy to use.

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Xtube LoverMar 3, 2024

Works well, simple, as advertised. Great for development against a certain size screen, or custom tiling. There is probably a better way to do tiling if you're using it for that though.

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Bradstowe MediaJan 24, 2024

Saved my bacon designing sites! Not too fussy, just a simple button to choose the appropriate browser window size.

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MiccoJan 12, 2024

Very Good!!

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Josh LeeJan 11, 2024

GREAT TOOL, NICE FEATURES! Holy cow this thing may seem too advanced, I just wanted a single button that toggled from full screen to small, so I can see behind it, but once you play with the settings for about 5-10 minutes, you can make it do exactly what you want, just because it is so flexible. Tiny complaint: The ONE feature I don't like is HOW the hotkeys are set (hotkey for presets 1, 2,3) what if you change the order of the presets? And why when I am managing the presets, and right c... Show more

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Ionuț BotizanDeveloperJan 30, 2024

Unfortunately Chrome requires extension developers to define the keyboard shortcuts their extension provide ahead of time and we can't add custom commands on demand. That's why I hardcoded 10 preset shortcuts and assigned them to the first 10 presets in the list. The alternative would be to have those 10 shortcuts and ask users to hard-link a shortcut to a certain preset, resulting in a map like "Shortcut 1 -> Preset 5; Shortcut 2 -> Preset 1; ..." which would add complexity to the UX and very likely confusing a lot of people. That's why I went with a 1-to-1 mapping, where "Shortcut 1" is always bound to "Preset 1" and so on...

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