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John Zammit

Jan 21, 2020

Works perfectly in Chrome but does not work in the Chromium-based Edge

I have used this extension succesfully in Chrome. I installed it in the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge (Version 79.0.309.68 (Official build) (64-bit)) but it does not work.

Would love for it to work there too. Thanks in advance.

Kat M

Jul 19, 2018

missing dimensions window

I used to see my dimensions in the lower right corner. is this functionality still available?

David Siegel

Jan 14, 2018

Nothing happens. No instructions on usage

When I go to MyTest Extension Options, I see the window sizes and was even able to add my own, but there is nothing to click on to make it happen.

If I go to a tab that has a picture that I want to resize, if i click on the arrows on my toolbar, it seems to either turn resizer on or off. Btw, I have a Mac. If I right-click (two finger tap on Mac), it shows options and other choices such as remove, etc. If I click on options, it takes me to Go Daddy to show me an available domain name to buy. I've done this multiple times to the same exact site.

Since there is no instructional video, or other usage material, I don't know how to operate this extension. I could use your help.

Adam Russell

Oct 19, 2017

Resizes entire window

Even when the extension is set to resize the inner viewable area (the default), the entire (outer) window is included in the calculation. This means this inner viewable area is considerably smaller than I specified.

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 1, 2017

Custom size/Multi Monitor


1. save custom sizes ability.

2. entry for window position with ability to handle multi-monitors - any location.

I have (as example of what needs to be handled)
#3 monitor: 4096x2160 75 inch,
#2 monitor: 4096x2160 75 inch,
#1 monitor: 1920x1080 (main monitor touch screen).

Monitors arranged:
#3, #2
#1 (touch screen angled below, center front)

Upper left screen position (Monitor #3) is -3088,-2160. Any position needs to be handled.

Resize Inner/Outer needs to retain setting.

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 1, 2017

custom sizes

How do I add (& retain) custom sizes without entering everytime.

Brandt Smith

Jan 19, 2017

Keyboard Shortcuts

Is there a way to use keyboard shortcuts to select the different sizes?

Extguru 9

Aug 12, 2016

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Evan Forness

Jan 10, 2016

I can't change size

When I select a size and press 'set' it doesn't change the size.

Hoang Le Cong

Jan 28, 2015

I can't install the plugin

khen i installed the javasript announted that the network fail but i'm still connect internet rightly, please support me

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