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Heidi Lee

Aug 24, 2023

Scheduled Simulations

Simulation is not running at schedule time (9:01 PM) Either runs at odd time, or not at all.

Faiz Sheikh

Oct 18, 2022

Doesnt record right click, Also recording key also dont include right click key

Does it not record right clicks? I want to record right click on a webpage and then click an item from the right click menu. Is it not possible?

Pedro Maia

May 28, 2022

Scheduled simulations don't start sometimes

Hi Wildfire team

Thanks for this great extension. Here's my cry for help :)

I have 2 simulations scheduled.
The simulations are scheduled to run every 24 hours.
The simulations run with no problems for 1 to 2 days, but after that, the simulations simply don't start at the scheduled time. The simulations (at least one of them) run at 1:00AM, which is not the time I have configured (4:36PM and 4:44PM).

Taking a wild guess, it may be related to the fact that PC time is configured in 24h format as opposed to 12h format used by the extension.

Could you help please?
Thank you in advance


Natasha Mashkova

Apr 17, 2022

архив для установки приложения в антидетект браузер

для работы с большим количеством аккаунтов не совсем удобно устанавливать его в каждый браузер. Для антидетект браузеров можно установить некоторые приложения во всех браузерах одновременно. Для этого необходим архив самого приложения, его можно где-то найти?

Naiyma Wright

Mar 10, 2022

scheduled task

This app would be perfect if I could manually schedule the simulation. Under the schedule options You have that it can be done every 1 hour , 4 hour ect. But what if I wanted to run it every 1 and a half hours or 2 and a half hours? I wish I had the option to type in the time I want it to repeat my simulation.

adrien favrot

Jan 23, 2022

Je veux exercer mon droit de suppression des données

Bonjour, votre extension s'active sans droits et je suis dans l'obligation de vous demander la suppression de l'intégralité des données me concernant. Merci de tout supprimer.


Krzysztof Maliszewski

Jul 20, 2021

How can I run a simulation on an opened site?

How can I run a simulation on an opened site? What I mean is, I have a site opened; starting a simulation opens a new instance of the site what I don't want to because it must run on the already opened site. Thank you!

Johannes Zugluft

Jul 15, 2021

Wildfire doesnt recognize a switch between windows?

How can I make sure that Wildfire recognizes when im moving from window 1 to window 2?

Дмитрий Исаев

Jul 13, 2021

Workflow Editor

Hello, how can I input "variable" to "CSS Selector"? Example. I got a variable named "prop1" whith value "arrFilter_10870_166326444". I need to put "PROPERTY_10870-checkbox" to CSS Selector. How can i refer to 10870?

margaret rosita hector

Jul 3, 2021


Intro:Hey im soran.A guy who's A very big fan i consider Myself your biggest/Most Supportive Though clearly i aint your Only fan but I really really truly Do Like this Amazing chrome Extension i support your work with my All Literally All of me and i surely do wanna see it progress Further then fully Succeed i believe in progress cause Being on the same Level for All existence wouldnt make Sense Now would it so if There was A way to assign automations with A single button press That would be so great Like A button a person wouldnt use on a daily basis like ctrl alt Tab any button out of A way That people type with for any cause wether Texting searching or what ever Else to play out an Automated action a shortcut button basically

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