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Andrea Di Pietro

Dec 26, 2020

Problem with wikiwand

Error to rendering math in wikiwand. The same page, in wikipedia, is rendered correctly
(Example page: - Corrente di sottosoglia - 3rd line)

Leonard Tatzig

Jun 16, 2019

Wikiwand not working

Does not work on wikiwand at all.

Hermenegildo Pomponio

Dec 22, 2018

FireFox port of an upcoming release

Would you consider publishing an upcoming version of the plugin on the FireFox add-on store? I am sure the community would highly appreciate the reading comfort that your plugin procures.
I installed the extension from the chrome store using 'Chrome Store Foxified' and the result looked ok, besides the slight font distortion, which origines I did not further investigate.

Sebastian Ørsted

Aug 25, 2016

Huge bug! Wrong rendering together with Wikiwand

Look at the page

Specifically, look at the equation right after the text “The Kazhdan–Lusztig polynomials can then be computed recursively using the relation”.

It is rendered completely wrong with your extension; one of the {} pairs in the original equation has been replaced by (), causing huge changes to the formula. This does not happen without Wikiwand.

Sebastian Ørsted

Aug 22, 2016

Compatibility with Wikiwand

I combine the extension with Wikiwand (with dark background), and fortunately, the extensions turn out to be compatible. However, in order for the math to be rendered with MathJax, I always need to load the page twice (and until I do, the equations are black on a dark background and hence unreadable). Moreover, clicking on the math opens an enlarged version of it, which is white on a white background and hence even more unreadable.

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 20, 2015



Edison Orellana

Nov 19, 2014

Problem rendering

Instead of correctly rendering math, I get u−hatequalsthevectorudividedbyitslength

This is happening on this page:

The above example is the first indented math text.

Christopher Veltman

Oct 21, 2012

Not really a "bug" but it hurts functionality

The ext. is awesome, btw. It was exactly what I need and I got really excited about it...till I went to wikipedia and nothing happend! What really baffled me is that I was on another wiki-like site and it had worked there. I read the description several times and I couldn't figure out for the life of me why it wasn't working. I was about to chalk it up to the fact that it hasn't been out long and probably has some bugs when I looked up and noticed https. Sure enough when I went to to their unsecured site, everything worked great. Im not sure if you were aware of this or not due to how long its ben out but I didn't see anything on the page so I dropped a note


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