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Florian Breitwieser

May 3, 2019

Make it work on mobile site

I love your extension, however unfortunately it does not work on the mobile version, which I prefer to use even on the desktop.


Feb 14, 2019

Adustable pop delay

Hi, can you please add an option to adjust the amount of time need to hover over a link for the quick hint to appear?

This is related (for me) to a frequent issue with quick hints not going away once the mouse is moved off of them. Sometimes, in these cases, it becomes problematic to get the quick hint to go away at all. Perhaps some kind of dismiss option, an "x" in the corner possibly, to able to explicitly dismiss a quick hint box?

Thanks! In spite of the above noted issues, this has been my, by far, preferred wiki pop up extension for quite a long time now.

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 11, 2018


The extension installed adware onto my computer. I was seeing fake ads when I would use google search

John S Wolter

Sep 9, 2018

Extra advertising in the box

The Q-H box has "Mark Article" & "Read Article" at the bottom. It took me a while to match the box to the Q-H app name. I think it's not too much to put "Quick Hints" as text to the left of the current text at the bottom. JSW

John S Wolter

Sep 9, 2018

Q-Hnts in WikiP search results pages

Q-H doesn't display its mouse hoover box in a search results page. Also running R, WikiP Companion & WikiP Search Settings. If Q-H isn't able to do this, I'd suggest adding it, JSW

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 24, 2017

question marks

Is it possible to hide the little question marks that follow each definable term in an article? Thank you.

Oleksandr Kravtsov

Sep 7, 2017

Mobile version of Wikipedia

"Can't get definition for this term" message on mobile version of Wikipedia.


Jul 6, 2017

Stopped working

Every single term says "can't get definition for this term"

Julie Smith

Jul 2, 2017

Improved selector

I've improved the selector (see my 18 Jun post), which fixes an issue where some popups were showing the Table of Contents for some pages.

var query =
'#bodyContent [lang] #mw-content-text > > p, ' +
'#bodyContent #mw-content-text > > p, ' +
'#bodyContent [lang] > ul:first-of-type';


Jun 22, 2017

Can't get definition

All the pop ups say:

"Can't get definition for this term. Some articles do not have appropriate structure"

Oddly, any leading picture associated with an article is still displayed.

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