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Denis Miranda

Oct 30, 2022

Intrusive ads

Uninstalled because it show intrusive ads

Nick Coutts

Oct 13, 2021

Small issue I've noticed

I don't know if it's fixable or just a consequence of the formatting, but there are some graphics that are completely unintelligible with the extension on.

For instance, the article "City Walls of Paris" has a chart on the right that shows the different walls in different colors, however the legend seems to have its colors changed by the extension.
If you enable dark mode then the legend has it's colors all change to within a small difference of one another, and in no way relate to the colors on the graphic anymore.

Andrew Dark

Oct 12, 2021


does nothing.

Roland Pihlakas

Sep 5, 2021

This extension seems to be creating ads for other extensions

Under wikipedia pages I get an ad which points to the Chrome Store page for "Dark mode google". The ad is created by "Wikipedia night mode" extension. That can be detected by inspecting the HTML. There is an image in the ad and the image is stored under "Wikipedia night mode" extension. Why are you showing ads for other extensions?


Aug 7, 2021

Tracking history and directing me to another dark mode thing from banner ads on wikipedia, said thing tracks history and sends all your searches through another site and tracks lots of your data.


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