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Brian Sweeney

Jun 14, 2016

Loop back to article.

Occasionally, I end up going in a link circle and ending up back at an article I have already visited in the same tree. This usually happens when the link I select has a redirect.

In the event that a user views an article that has already been viewed in that same tree/chain, it would be nice to have the diagram loop back to the first mention of the article. As is, it creates a completely new instance of the article.

Kevin Yacucci

Nov 22, 2015

Wikiwand Support

Would it be able to support wikiwand. It is the new version of quick wiki.

Also I would really enjoy support for wikias but I realize that would be much harder.

And side note: On the extension page the link to wikipedia is broken on the current page tab when no links are displayed.

Nikolai Buus

Sep 8, 2015

TV Tropes Version

A version for would be really sweet.
Love your extension!

Ibrahim Khlifi

Feb 11, 2015

Interest in their project

Dear Sirs,

Your Extension interests us very much and would to buy it.

If in turn are interested, contact me and I still like to submit you an offer.

Yours sincerely,

Ibrahim Khlifi
-Project Manager-

H & R Media GmbH
Münsterstraße 330
40470 Dusseldorf

Geoffrey Odlum

Jul 17, 2014

Some suggestions

Hey! I loved the xkcd comic and it made me so happy to see someone did this!

I have a few suggestions:

1. remove the "are you sure" dialogue when deleting trees;

2. enable a sort by number of pages viewed, so I can go back and easily see the trees of 20, 30, or 40 pages and not have to scroll through all the 1's and 2's.

Keep up the good work!!

shem / Itamar Curiel

May 30, 2014


In the WikiMapper page almost everything is 1-page-long gistory trees, consisting of only one article. I don't need to see those! I want the beautiful, large trees!

So, my suggestion is: Can you please add an option to delete all histories that are less than 2 pages?

Another option would be to just not save them in the first place :)

Alexander Terry

Apr 14, 2014


add support for extention, possible by also tracking the website

Google apps