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Сергей Ермаков

Apr 28, 2024

Не обновляется информация на сайте wiki2. после её обновления на сайте Википедия

Не обновляется информация на сайте wiki2. страницаЛипатов,_Виль_Владимирович+Milds#Ссылки после её обновления на сайте Википедия, страницаЛипатов,_Виль_Владимирович&stable=0&redirect=no. Прошло уже более суток, а обновления нет. Что делать? Что не так? Подскажите, пожалуйста?

Александр Иванов

May 23, 2023

Wrong content on page

Hi! When opening this URL (Параллакс) you get content from the wrong page, hosted here (Временной_параллакс). It would be great if you could fix this.
Thank you in advance!

P.S. I can't send you an e-mail, seems that your mailbox size limit exceeded.

Darrell Harris

Dec 15, 2022

Editing Font Size On Your Preview Popups

First of all, let me thank you for your excellent repub of Wikipedia. You have brought new life to my researching experience. One issue I have though is due to having bad sight, I have to zoom-in on text on every page to get by. But doing so breaks your perfect Preview Popups text scaling format whatever (I'm a newbie). Is there some sort of tweak I could do to adjust the CSS to keep the popup's font size at default (fit) regardless to the global font size of Chrome? If so, please let me know.
I Thank You in advance for your help and consideration.

Sirui Hang (Ray)

Feb 9, 2021

"Related subjects"/"This article is part of a series on ___" blocks the screen

On any page that's part of the series, this box of related article links just floats over the text and makes it impossible to read.

Sayan Dasgupta

Oct 30, 2018


IS there only one Theme pls. Refresh it after some Searches

Zvonimir Bogovic

Feb 26, 2018

Other languages than English

Why are only pages in English displayed? When I choose another language, ordinary wikipedia is displayed.

Zvonimir Bogovic

Feb 26, 2018

WIKI2 and Maxthon browser

How to install extension in Maxthon browser?


Jul 1, 2017


Hi, wiki2
I would like to use Newton Atmosphere background with the sans-serif type for better reading, how can I get there?
There seems no setting button.

Iair Rozenbom

Oct 10, 2016

Not load automatically

Hi, i used the extension without problems, but now, when i enter a link in the browser, opens the common wikipedia. I have the last version of Chrome insalled. Any suggestions? Thanks!

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 27, 2016

Not Working

The extension is not working for me. My Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m. Whenever there is any wikipedia link, it just opens in normal wikipedia.

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