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Malarie Maziot

Sep 29, 2023


1. I am connected to WIFI at home with desktop that is not traveling so is in necessary to have this extension?
2. What would the extension do for my other devices when they are all connected at home as well ?
3. Feedback that I saw here was the extension can make sure you can have WIFI on devices that don't have basic cellular or internet connection on its own. Is this true?

Clancy Blandin

Sep 18, 2017


how do i connect it to my coumputers wifi

Ernesto Mendez

Feb 3, 2017

wifi zone

esta aplicacion no tiene nada que ver con permitir a mi chromebook generar una zona wifi como la que hace mi telefono ?

Joshua Hicks

Sep 11, 2016


how do i turn the app on so i can get wifi on my tablet?

Lorrana Carla Menezes

Aug 28, 2015

como deescubrir senhas do wifi

quero saber como posso descobrir as senhas

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 8, 2015

iternet need to change to wfi

i am trying to change my internet sign from internet wotj wifi

Jack Borchelt

Apr 1, 2015

Enlarge Meter

I have an 11" screen. The meter is hardly visible on extension bar. Is there a way to enlarge it, double click perhaps?

Jack Borchelt

Mar 29, 2015

Signal Strength tester for Chromebook

Can I use this to test my signal strength from the AC router to my Chromebook. I would like to be able to move my antenna and watch the meter to see if there is an optimal antenna position.

ultimate dvx

Mar 25, 2015


how to delete it

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