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Tami Veldura TheyThemMx

Jun 4, 2021

Extension failing to load books

I was able to use this extension wednesday (6/3) to load a bunch of book data into Wide Wizard, but thursday (6/4) morning it wouldn't load any data at all. Today, (6/5) I tried uploading a book and it wouldn't save or load any data.

Sabine Beag

Jan 25, 2021

Data has disappeared

I added a new book to WW yesterday but when I went to KDP to add it, no books showed up in the drop down menu. I opened WW again and all my data has disappeared. I then tried to restore a previous backup, but it's 64mb and WW tells me the file can only be 15mb.
Are all my books lost or is the information saved somewhere?

Tami Veldura TheyThemMx

Nov 5, 2020

Would love to see further store support

In addition to the stories Wide Wizard supports I also upload to Streetlib, DriveThruFiction, Bookfunnel and BundleRabbit. WW saves me a TON of time and headache. I'd love to see these other stores supported.

In addition, I upload to my personal webstore with WooCommerce. Is this something WW can support?

Tami Veldura TheyThemMx

May 15, 2020

WW Non Functional May 14

I've been using Wide Wizard for 2 or 3 months now without any issues. Starting on the 14th I was no longer able to upload images or save new data. Now on the 15th I can't access any of my books at all. The autofill bar comes up on the right pages but no autofill happens, the overlay is also borked.


Tami Veldura

Jeremy Crossland

Apr 8, 2020

WideWizard doesn't seem to be working today

I've been using this for a few weeks - love it - but today it doesn't seem to be working at all. Isn't saving data or allowing me to upload books as usual.

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