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Izet Plavsic

Mar 26, 2023

Uninstalling the extension

For about the 20+ times I am trying to uninstall your extension. I use windows 10 and google chrome. I remove the extension and after a restart the extension is installed again and I land on your "Set up Who Targets Me" Page that you would see when you install it. I am out of ideas how to remove your programm.

Rick Pattson

Oct 1, 2021

turn off adblocker?

might be a redundant question, but is it necessary to disable all adblockers (e.g. from uBlock, built-in in Brave, etc.)?
would also interest me from a technical point of view why this is not or necessary.

Sillke Schulz

Jul 23, 2021

Profile Set up

Same problem as Stephan Streichhahn: can't set up my anonymous Profile after installingthe extension in Chrome.
Regards, Silke

Stephan Sound

May 1, 2021


Hey there, I have installed the Chrome extention and can't find any option to register.
Did I miss something?

Regards, Stephan

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