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Sep 5, 2023

WhiteBox stopped working completely

My WhiteBox has stopped working on all devices completely, at school and at home and does not load in the browser as it says it is taking to long to load. I have tried reinstalling the extension and restarting devices, however nothing is seeming to work. Could you please help me fix this as it is a thing me and my friends use everyday at school.
Thank you.

Eli Smith

May 31, 2022

Other browsers

You should totally add this to other browsers, like Opera GX. It would make it much easier for some people to use in class.

Tyson Gregory

Jun 12, 2020


White Box has stopped working on the chrome extension. The website has stopped working on my computer, iPad and phone. It constantly comes up with either the server has stopped responding or the server is taking too long to load. Please tell me how to fix this because I use it everyday to message my friends at home and at school. Keep in mind it is not blocked at my school.

Josh Colless

May 7, 2020

you should add games like galga and centerpiede

but white box is still 10/10

Alejandro Mendez Morales

Feb 27, 2020

me and my friends

we can't add each other

Parmeetpal Dhillon

Dec 2, 2019

And how often are updates released

I was just wondering how often I should try to update the extension for like new games that may be added.

Parmeetpal Dhillon

Dec 2, 2019

Could you possibly add more Games -

Could you possibly add these games that my friends and I would really prefer.
- Pong/WallPong (single/multiplayer)
- Breakout
- Battleship (if possible with multiplayer)


Sanjith Cherumandanda

Nov 18, 2019

New Version

Can you make a complete copy of this under a different name because my school blocked it

William Angelica

Nov 13, 2019

Can we have some more games?

This is the most used app at my school and I heard that some people are getting board of snake, 2048, tetris, chess, etc.. So I was wondering if you or your team could add some more games. Thanks and I like this app

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 15, 2019


can you add some other games like maybe flappy bird?

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