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WhenX: Mark Linkedin Profiles with notes

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Ryan Lewis

Feb 27, 2023

Remove Pools

Their are some default pools that come with the extension that aren't relevant to me. Is there any way to remove pool categories?

Born Recruiter

Jul 13, 2022

Data Deleted


I am unable to view my saved data at all... All my efforts to tag candidates is waisted.

Please suggest if it can be restored.

Ravi Gangaramani

Mark Hazelton

Sep 30, 2021

Edit/remove/amend tags

Hi, is there a way to remove tags from individual LinkedIn profiles and the overall tag 'page'? I have over 50 tags on the add tag pop-up and I would like to reduce this number so I can see them all without reducing the page view percentage.
Also, originally, the tags showed up on the LI profile page I was looking at, now they don't, I have to click the icon in the extensions box - how do i return to the original situation?
Many thanks, a great and very useful product

Chen Morag

May 5, 2021


were can I see my saved profiles?


Feb 21, 2021

LinkedIn info?

Hi. Since the latest update Microsoft Edge says that this extensions needs permission to "Read and change your data on all sites." Why the specific permission for linkedin?

Lisa Biesinger

Nov 12, 2020

Can't get past the "register with google account" page

I installed your extension, but in order for it to work, I have to log on with a google account. On the choose an account page, I select the account, I get a redirection page that tells me to wait, and then I land back on the "choose a google account" page. So the extension is not working at all for me, which is too bad. It looks very interesting.


Sep 13, 2020

need another button

I need a thumb down/dislike button for some search result
or another 1 click button in addition to the like button


Aug 8, 2020

Any way to look at my last notes without knowing what am I looking for?

I know you can search for the same stuff and find your notes again as a contextual way to know what you have visited, but do you guys have any way to show at least the last things you have favorited?

Aman Kumar

Jul 20, 2020

Login to enable all features not working

In the google search results page, just above the first result the extension shows me that I am using whenX in limited mode and I should click on login to enable all features but when I click on it nothing happens.

Joe Ward

Jun 26, 2020

Option: Click 'Don't enable WhenX on my account'?

Where is this option located? The "Options" menu item for the extension was grayed-out.

I prefer not to have to grant access to my Google account in order to use WhenX.

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