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Kevin B

Feb 26, 2024

Escape button & Color code format

Since last update the escape button doesn't close WhatFont. I was used to this, but this isn''t working anymore, so please bring it back.

Also since last update I see the colors in rgb code format instead of HEX. Suggestion: put this color code format in an extension setting so we can choose if we want to see HEX or RGB color format when using WhatFont.

Adedoyin Akande

Jan 9, 2024

Breaks when inspecting HTML Element with Oklch color space

When I used WhatFont on a website using the Oklch colour space it breaks and doesn’t work. You can test using

Iurii Kurdiumov

Aug 6, 2023

Cool extension

It would be great if it also showed in which tag the text is located. Often you need to know what is the heading H1 or H2


Mar 29, 2023


GUrjar Flex

Notes Pdf

Mar 16, 2023

logo design change

the logo of the what font extension is pretty dark and i easily gets vanished in the dark mode of chrome inside the chrome extension quick click menu at the top right section of the browser i had a small suggestion that if the developpers could add a slight white outline to the logo then at least it would look a bit highlighted and not get vanished in the browser nav bar color. i like the logo but if it just had a 1px wide white outline then it would have been nicer to distinguish... otherwise just making the background completely light gray or some other material themed color other than black or blackish grey would be nicer .

thank you
i am waiting for the response to my suggestion it would really make a big of luck to the team

Jerry Hutchinson

Jan 19, 2023

WF not working

Hi, WF is not working. It shows up on the top bar, - click - the dropdown menu shows up, not WF.

MBP m1, monterrey. latest chrome

Thank you!

Nastya Marsel

Jul 28, 2022


а есть возможность перевести на русский язык полностью?

Stephanie Janeczek McNamara

Mar 1, 2022

Does not work

I highlight a text and nothing happens. It is in my chrome apps but it does not do anything

tony d

Feb 27, 2022

was working now shite

just as title now says the app is now a waste of f*king space why is nothing being done ..

Abby Connolly

Feb 21, 2022

Malware Google Search

Weird problem - google search was redirecting to Bing - removed this extension, problem solved.

Google apps