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Paul de Lau

Feb 26, 2024

How do I get rid of WFX voor "Workflowy"?

With WFX I cannot easily run through my notes. Annoying!

Scott Cardais

Feb 6, 2023

Viewing all scripts in WFx

I've forgotten the command to view all of the shortcuts you've created. After invoking WFx, what do I enter to see a list?

Thank you...

Matthieu B

Oct 25, 2020

Automatic update

Hi there,
You mention that the scripts automatically update in the background. I have however compared the current scripts from your website to the ones I have and they do not match (BETA TESTING have more bullets in mine!) Could it be because I've changed the location of the powerpack in my WorkFlowy? It is fully functional nonetheless. Thank you very much for this amazing product. Looking forward to your reply.

SP Guruprasad

Sep 20, 2020

Unable to set the shortcut key for the count

I there , am very new to workflowy and still exploring . As per your video I did try to create a shortcut taking but was not able to . Please let me know if am missing anything here .

Action I took :
After going to home page of workflowy. I entered Alt+W that prompts asking to search the item we need in my case I searched for Book that highlighted the books .
To enter the shortcut , I then entered Alt+w and entered wfs . It now asks me to enter the Shortcut but how do we know if this shortcut is for Book or count .
I did not find the option to enter the keyword and then enter the short cut option.
Kindly advice

Chuck Welti

Oct 15, 2019

visual elements

I notice in the WFX demo there were icons and colors etc. Is that something you get with WFX or do I have to import a style sheet or markup language?

charles welti

Oct 15, 2019

Visual elements

I saw that in your demo you had icons and colors and visual elements. Is that part of WFX or do I have to import some kind of style sheet or markup language?

Isaac Xin Pei

Sep 6, 2019

Hello, I don't understand how the shortcut works?

I got the part it's working with workflowy list/search in workflowy list.

But when I specify a website url, with the shortcut keys, entering the shortcut in the WFX prompt, it doesn't take me to the website (but instead to the workflowy tab) - not sure how the shortcut works. do we have some documentation somewhere?

Also the keyboard trigger, only works with the dialog? It's not keyboard shortcuts in the sense of vimrium, right?


Phil Caisley

Aug 13, 2019

WFx and Firefox

Hi, will be you creating an equivalent WFx extension that runs in Firefox?

Geon Haeng Lee

Aug 9, 2019

shortcut file

I could not get WFO file (shortcut collection ready made). It looks like I can get it automatically when I import file on the MISC setting as your video guided. How I can get that?

Alexey Gerasimov

Aug 8, 2019

WorkFindy and WFX

Do i need WorkFindy or WFX has all it's functionality in itself?

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