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Jennifer (F&B Package)

Sep 18, 2023

Service not available... after scan the QR Code

I see the questions or problems reported since 2019 (or even earlier?) and the same issue is still here... is it because of the weChat intend to block users on the chromebook?

will the tech support actually response to the questions or problems here? thanks!

Rehmat Office

Oct 8, 2022

Service Unavailable for this account

when i am scanning the code, i am getting this message on my chromeOS flex.
"Service Unavailable for this account"

Please tell me the solution

kat Acosta

Jan 27, 2020

questions in regards to optain wechat on my chromebook

hi, i have follow the procedures of how to download wechat into my chromebook and when i scan the QR code it jumps back to the same thing .. can you please help to solve this issue. Thank you in advance.

F Wang

Dec 30, 2019

Wechat on Chromebook did not work

I have the same problem. After I scanned the barcode, the screen jumped back to the same place and asked me to scan again. It goes back in circles. Can you please advise. THanks.


Oct 27, 2019

imposible iniciar seccion en chrombook

imposible iniciar seccion en chrombook

Paul Calcutt

Jan 19, 2018

Can't use on Chrome

Hi, I follow the procedure to open wechat on my chromebook but after I scan the QR code with my phone and confirm log in, it just comes up with the QR code again. Once I got a message saying I couldn't get access as I was a new member....any suggestions please?

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