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Oct 9, 2023



ebony ebonite

Jun 4, 2023



Alex Olais

Jan 13, 2022


quiero desblokiar todo y no puedo


Nov 4, 2021

Can not use Facebook

Can you please take this Blocker off and put my Facebook has made a mess on my computer...I will be well appreciate...Thank You..

Alexander Wasson

Jan 4, 2020


With The Password setting you should be able to setup you're own password to block sites and unblock sites and access sites.

Sonia Martinez Garcia

Jul 26, 2019

bloquear paginas web

quiero boquear todas las paginas web de alvaro soler y sofiaellar y los canales de youtube para siempre

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 19, 2018

Cannot add to Chrome on the Android mobile

I cannot see the icon of website bocker (beta) on Chrome. What should I do?

Kathy Pearsall

Oct 1, 2018

blocking a web site

We have had 2 charges to our credit card. I want to block the two web sites so it can not happen again.

Valerie Jo

Jul 29, 2018


seams to be an issue with the password function

Emily Suos

Jul 13, 2018


How can I enable the password feature? I want to add a password and checked the box, but the setting newer stays.

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