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gavin coolboy

Feb 25, 2024

Can it re-edit a local .mht web page?

First, Thank you for the excellent web page edit tools. It's the best tool that I had used to edit the web page.

A little suggesion:
After editing by the this tool, I store it as .mht page in local PC.
But sometime I need to revise the edition, like I want to add a new note or revise a typo, I find it can't edit it again.
Maybe I don't know how to use it in the corret way, can you give me a hint?

Max VA

Oct 9, 2021

Full Site Rip?

I want to rip a full site and while the extension is amazing one page at a time is rough for like 3 million. I'd like to rip a site since httrack and other software won't work since the site is behind cloudflare. This is the only thing that seems to work really well but turning all the links into one that direct to local versions would be weird.

Frank Maloney

Mar 14, 2021

How to create in-depth captures?

I simply cannot work out how to use this feature. I have set the depth to 2 and yet only the first page is downloaded i.e. links are not traversed? Some expanded documentation would be nice.

Javier Steinaker

Jan 11, 2021

Overwrite file/folder

Hi, thanks for your extension, super useful and it actually downloads tricky webpages as it should. Is there a way for WebScrapBook to overwrite existing files/folders? I just need to keep the most recent version of a website, always using the same name. If I choose "index" as a file or folder name and it exists, WebScrapBook will save the webpage as "index (1)". Thanks in advance.


Nov 7, 2020

How to setup PyScrapbook
I only understand to install python and done it.
What should I do next?
I want to download the full web file without clicking the "Save" button one by one.

En X

Nov 3, 2020


Hello Danny,
I was in love with the original Scrapbook back then when I was using Firefox only, and the must have feature for me was the in depth capture because for example if I had an article with several images linked (to the "full size" file) It would be super easy to tell him I wanted to do a 1-depth save and then navigate it offline (and IIRC I had several option to limit what I wanted to save of the linked pages, to save space). My question is: does your extention have that feature? It's really important if I want to organize my "offline archive" :)
Thanks and keep up with the really good work

L. Tallash

Jul 24, 2020

Keyboard shortcuts

Dear developer,
Thanks for creating this useful extension. I have a suggestion regarding shortcut for the extention. It would be great to have keyboard shortcuts for each operation such as "capture tab", i.e. to press CTRL+ALT+S buttons to capture tab, instead of clicking many times to save a tab. I hope you can add this in options.

Challenger 420

Apr 29, 2020

How to download specific folder?

How to filter specific folder on the website to download? For example, I want to download everything that contains /shop/ in the URL and not to download everything else?
I quess this filter should be somehow implemented to "Default search condiiton" field on options page. But what's the syntaxis?

Peter Kozej

Apr 8, 2020


Hello, how do I do page annotation mentioned in description?
I've got everything else working as expected using my own backend server, but couldn't figure this out.

Alejandro Avila

Apr 1, 2020


how i can save a website with 1 level of deep with links, sorry for my enlgish. thanks

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