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najmieh sadat safarabadiMar 15, 2024

the developer photo!

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Vladimir KiselyovMar 2, 2024

this functional can use with standart Chrome function, without this extensions

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Toyosi AdebolaJan 19, 2024

i can't capture page. it keeps tell me this Fatal error: Failed to download "WebScrapBook/data/20240119134740999/index.html": Unable to download to the folder what can i do

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ru veJun 4, 2023

I was hoping to save a complete webpage for offline use. I enabled the extension and just tried the default "Capture Page" feature. I got a new dialog box to save every single resource on the page, like every image and css file. What an absurd. The page I wanted to save contained a very simple gallery of thumbnails linked to larger images. The extension saved only the thumbnails, and they were still linking to the large image online. I find this extensions completely useless, and very user un... Show more

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Danny LinDeveloperJun 4, 2023

Saving linked images (capture linked files) is a rather advanced feature and most web page capture tools simply can't support that. WebScrapBook supports it but some configuration is needed, see doc for more details: If you still have a problem to get it work, raise an issue to the source repository with the web page URL and capture options (which can be obtained through `Capture as` > `Advanced`) for further investigation and assistant.

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NotnilcMar 22, 2023

I have very limited programming experience so there might be some dunning kreuger at play here, but this much, much, much, MUCH better than httrack or cyotek webcopy. The documentation is great and all, but I feel like most of it could be made redundant with a simple video tutorial.

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EDEN EDENJun 22, 2021


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Li SuJun 12, 2021

Agree with Clarence Domesticus Wonderful extension, as a ScrapbookX user for years, I think this extension is able to do almost the same as scrapbookX, and additional features of PyWebScrapBook backend make it more useful. I can stop using the now very very slow old version of firefox eventually. Thanks a lot.

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behrouz 40Apr 18, 2021

don't work

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Danny LinDeveloperApr 18, 2021

What steps have you done and what doesn't work? Please provide more details for troubleshooting.

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Frank MaloneyMar 14, 2021

I am sorry to have to give this promising extension 1 star, however I have spent 5 hours trying to save a page and the pages linked from that page. You can play around with depth and filters (God knows what "Each following line is a full URL (with chars following a “#” or space stripped) or a regular expression (e.g. “/^http://example\.com//”). " in the options is supposed to mean,). This is by far the most frustrating, and time wasting Chrome extension that I have ever installed. It simply d... Show more

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Danny LinDeveloperMar 14, 2021

We have tested this functionality and do not see any problem. There must be something wrong about your setting. If you want further assistant please provide the source page URL and your configurations (export options and provide its content) for further investigation. Better report to the source repo ( or via email, as we won't receive any notification when you reply this thread here. You can simply choose to give up, though it's quite unlikely that you can find another browser extension that provides such feature.

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RengNov 9, 2020

Worked perfectly with my old scrapbook files, thank you!! Can import and handle thousands of entries with no problem. The search function is infinitely better than the old scrapbook. Once again thank you so much for this extension.

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