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Kaine Dube

Apr 25, 2023

keeps showing a blank page after when i upload my warc

after when i upload my warc to archiveweb extenstion it keeps showing me a blank page just before i interact with my warc needs fixing please.

Sofia Mancias

Feb 7, 2023

Stuck on "Something Went Wrong Try Reloading Twitter"

I have been trying to get an archive of my bookmarks and it gets around 1.4GB of data, but when I go to see it on the archive it only displays 4 tweets and bellow the button of "Something Went Wrong Try Reloading Twitter", why this happens even tho the autopilot did them all and the archive says is have a lot of data? Or is there I way I can access the other data compiled?

Angelo Pizzulli

Oct 28, 2022

Link generator

Hi' i tried to generate a link from my web archive, so that anyone could see it from their browser, but i cannot get it to work. I've read the guide but still i'm struggling.
Thanks in advance

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