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Jeremy Zaretski

Dec 1, 2023

"Reload page to use this extension"

Thank you for this useful extension, Syed!

When multiple browser tabs from a domain (for which "Always Spell Check on this website" has been enabled) are refreshed simultaneously (by selecting multiple tabs, and issuing a refresh command via the right-click menu), then the extension does not run and left-clicking it displays the message "Reload page to use this extension" along with a "Reload" button.

A similar thing happens when re-opening a browser tab.

Jeremy Zaretski

Ajeet Singh

Jun 13, 2023

Regarding data security and policies

Does Webpage Spell-Check extension storing application data and how does it making the connection between Application and Extension

Rhonda Varas

May 4, 2023

No funciona

No funciona, se necesita algún permiso del navegador?

Evan Deuvall

Feb 3, 2022

SO Much Potential

I work with a team of designers who utilize copy submitted by publishers and clients, which often contain grammatical errors. Occasionally we miss these and pass them on to our magazines which is an issue.

I test drove your plugin this morning and was beginning to see the functionality when I realized it renders links unusable. This is a big issue as we need to retain that ability in an effort to navigate the client portal.

Is there any chance this could be patched?? Love the plugin, thank you for your time and effort.

My email is

Damyan Dimitrov

Sep 2, 2021

Makes the page aditable as free text

Makes the page aditable as free text, links stop working, becomes unresponsive, i would have to uninstall it

Daniel Franke

Nov 26, 2020

Spell checker gets confused by soft hyphens

I have a website which uses Hyphenopoly to automatically insert soft hyphens (U+00AD) into text at every syllable boundary. Soft hyphens are normally-invisible characters that inform the rendering engine of good places to break a line in the middle of a word and hyphenate the word at the break point. These characters confuse Webpage Spell-Check and cause every multisyllable word to be marked as misspelled. Would you mind patching it to ignore soft hyphens and spell-check the word as though they were not there?

Cliff Paulick

May 12, 2020

Extension's popup should show how many errors are detected

I aim to have zero typos. I'd like the extension to tell me how many are detected (I'd expect zero).

Find one? I fix it, refresh, and now the count goes from 1 to 0.

Also, it'd be helpful to have a button to click to go to first/next typo. For example, there are 3 typos? Click to be taken 3 page scrolls worth down the page, then click next/prev to bring the others into view.


Alexander Dietz

Nov 22, 2017

Almost unusable

This add-on is almost unusable, as you have to 'activate' it for a page, the click BY HAND on each paragraph to check them. And when you go to another tab and come back, all the checks are gone. Then you click on the paragraphs again, only to realise the checker is not working and you have to 'activate' it again.

I suggest to make this add on useable to check the whole page ALWAYS when the option is set...

Abel Braaksma

Oct 30, 2017

Works only if you click each paragraph

Getting better at this, but it seems it only works if you click each title, line, block, paragraph, table cell individually, then the curlies appear.

Would be nice if it is possible to spellcheck a whole webpage (like in the title of this plugin).

Other than that, much better than no spellcheck at all!

Abel Braaksma

Oct 30, 2017

Your example page doesn't work either

As previous report, but nothing is shown (after clicking Spellcheck) on your example page

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