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Heather Piet

Mar 18, 2017

i downlaoded turbo tax to my drive but cannot access it without windows

I downloaded turbo tax and it needs windows to run can I get an app that will convert chrome to windows

Samuel Bello

Dec 27, 2016


will this application allow me to download and run a program on my Chrome OS that is meant for Windows OS?

Théo Carrara

May 12, 2016

My app has no sound

I converted my game to .exe and everything was fine, except that there is no sound. The sound is not working for some reason, when I launch it on chrome it works fine though.

labidi karim

Apr 12, 2016


please try to add php language supporte .

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 5, 2016

Mac export problem

When I export a site for Mac, WebDGap hangs on the loading animation and never downloads my converted Mac app. Help?

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