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Sunil Singh

Feb 14, 2023

Satta king

Single 1joddi pass fd,gl,gd,dishwer

Aaron Oliver

Feb 20, 2019

It's so big!

Yeah, uh, why is this so large??
I looked inside what gets installed with the extension, and it has a 14 meg file: bfg-1.12.15.jar
Is that... necessary??

Doc Flay

May 29, 2018

Extension info

In the additional info section, it says this extension is 13.76MiB
I can only assume this should be KB, or I think something needs to change.

Doc Flay

May 29, 2018

Saving pages

Could you please add the ability to save to the web archive and
Being able to quickly save pages is becoming more important for freedom of speech.

Doc Flay

May 29, 2018

Remove Coral

Coral CDN stopped functioning in 2016

Julimin Tebas

Dec 25, 2017


Cara melihat status fb teman yang sudah di hapus

Alexander A

Dec 9, 2017

One tiny feature needed

Great job, Danny! I like that it is open source and lightweight, using it in Opera. One little request: could you please add a context menu for links (i.e. include WebCache submenu into the context menu for links on a page)? That would be awesome for opening many cached pages in the background without the need to leave the page you're viewing!

d b

Sep 21, 2016

Open link with Waybach Machine


I would like a feature "Open this link with Wayback Machine" that doesn't require me to first load a page and then look at the cached version. Would that be possible to add?

Cory Spuck

Nov 7, 2015

button does nothing

Clicking button does nothing

Dillon Sylvestre

Oct 7, 2015

Button does not work

Clicking the button has no effect — nothing happens

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