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Cam Fanfulik

Apr 9, 2024

card says it's expired

Just bought the webroot card at Walmart today. Downloaded it but card says it is expired. Now what?

james newman

Mar 16, 2024

Says expired

Ordered yesterday, When I try to push tab, it says expired. Tried to call, but can't talk to anyone. If I can't open, I will contact Paypal and ask to void charge.

Nicole Howland

Nov 27, 2023

cannot add to chrome

i keep recieving an error code please help.

Letrom Tata

Nov 15, 2023

webroot security

unable to download. I keep receiving error messages

AJ's Repair and Replace AJ STEWART

Oct 24, 2023

virus protection

the product after downloading does not fully install. I
have the app but the virus threat detector does not install, i keep getting invalid or have to reload but nothing happens.

Kali Dunaway

Oct 13, 2023

I'm not allowed to download the shield

This is the 4th time that I've tried downloading the shield but for some reason it keeps telling me Manifest Invalid it also does it on my father's laptop, mother's and sister's as well. Please I'm hoping there's something that can be done.
Thank You
Kali Dunaway

James Kropff Jr

Sep 29, 2023


how do i remove this extension completely?

Le salinas

Aug 30, 2023

I am not able to install webroot? help!

Reaching out because I am able to download Webroot to my laptop. I need help!


Aug 24, 2023

cant add to google chrome

Just bought a chromebook with webroot that I had to add. I was able to install webroot to the computer but can't add to google chrome in the extension

Robert Doty

Aug 14, 2023

Making our webmail ( inoperable

Hello Team,

We have had numerous complaints about our webmail application being extremely slow, to the point of inoperable. After investigation of these complaints, they lead back to the Web Threat Shield extension in Google Chrome. Even if the extension is turned off, the impacts exist. You need to completely remove the extension and restart the browser for the issue to go away and our Webmail application to function properly. Would you please help us to resolve this? We are both a reseller and a client. BlueTie Inc.

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