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Saiyad Hamid Rahim

Feb 11, 2024

Its Not Letting me open it

Hello to whoever this is going to ,I bought the extension like a couple hours ago and I Still haven't been able to open it. Do you (or you guys) mind Giving me a step by step tutorial on how to open the darn thing. (Im on Chromebook By The Way)



Dec 31, 2023


Hey How can I register this game to play another chapter

armando hernandez

Feb 23, 2021

Missing controls..?

I cant even start the game because it wont let me press anything...?


Dec 29, 2020

this game is cool

this game is awsome


Dec 19, 2020

console command

hey can you give me a list of console commands

Justin A.M

Dec 1, 2020


please remove the demo it would be of great help there are some who do not have money to buy the chapters.

Gary Griffin

Jul 18, 2020

Stuck in Help screen!

I went to help screen to find keyboard controls, and did, but cannot exit that help screen.
Help !!! What key do I need to exit help?


Mar 28, 2020

cant delete quake

so i wanted to delete it because i cant really play it and im worried right now that i cant delete it.

Isaac Ford

Mar 28, 2020

Incomplete game

Why aren`t chapter 2 and 3 available? I think if you`re going to make a chromeos version of it you should at least include all of the game.

Ellie Lynn

Dec 11, 2019


When will the file feature be implemented? Any expected date?

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