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Styfhany Reco

Apr 4, 2023


Hi, I am trying to share the website with the notes. How do I do this?
I try to import/export but honestly I am lost.

Cameron Matthews

Mar 23, 2023


Hi, where does the notes information reside? I'd like to do manual backups and need to know the location.


GianMarco Tavazzani

Jan 26, 2023

Have an automatic timestamp on the stickies setting

Can we have an icon to insert the date when a stiky was made, as in Wikipedia 'discussion' or, better a setting to do it automaticly?

GianMarco Tavazzani

Nov 20, 2022

No answers on the support page since 2018…

Well, this morning I've noticed that my minimised notes, still there and which content is partially still shown in the 'preview box popup' shows no more up the tools icons when clicked NOR I can open the settings, manage the notes…
I saw that there was an upgrade 2 days ago (installed) and I wonder what I can do (exempli gratia removing-reinstalling it), ever fearing to loose the notes if I do some not cautious move just when there is a mess in the recorded data connection).
Thanks for the many years of development.
GianMarco Tavazzani

Rody Bajo

Oct 19, 2022

Not syncing with Google Drive

Hi there. I'm not sure why, but it won't connect with Google Drive. Any suggestions?

Al Williams

Jun 6, 2022

Need a blacklist

I really like the extension but there is one major issue. For some sites (Wordpress admin editing, for example), you get odd behavior if the extension is on even if you have no notes anywhere in the domain. Chrome doesn't have a blacklist mechanism only a whitelist. So the answer has been to tell Chrome "only when icon clicked" (or whatever) but that means you have to know you have a note on the page. If the extension itself had a "don't touch these domains" type setting it would be a lot more useful. Granted, you could fix what's messing up wordpress, but a) it could be wordpress and b) it will always be some site or another ;-)


Feb 23, 2022

Change font in Google Calendar

Why is it that the font is always Times New Roman on Google Calendar website? How can I change it?

Al Williams

Feb 13, 2022

Sync on Chrome-based browsers

If you use something Chrome-based but not Chrome, the sync does not work automatically. It would be nice if you could "point" it at some cloud storage or something to let it sync to a common cloud file that doesn't depend on Google. I think a lot of people are using Chrome-based browsers.

Ahmed Z

Dec 8, 2021

Clicking on a page doesn't work right

When clicking and dragging on a page, it does a transparent box selection (like when clicking and dragging on the windows desktop). This is very strange behavior and interferes with normal usage of the page.
After turning off Web Page Sticky Notes, this issue goes away.
Sadly, this issue makes this extension completely unusable even though it is fantastic in terms of functionality otherwise.

Rik Smithies

Dec 29, 2020

possible to automatically sync to Google Drive

If I use 2 PCs I can sync notes via Google Drive, but I have to manually use the sync option. Its not clear to me whether I have to manually sync on both the PC that created the note and the one that wants to see it, but it would be better if it would go and check Google Drive whenever a page is opened (or refreshed). You don't want to have to go looking for notes :-)
Also, it tends to complain that there is a clash, conflicting times, even if there is only one note on Google Drive (created on another PC) and none showing on the current page. I don't see how a sync can cause a clash when there is no note currently showing. There is nothing to overwrite, so it should just load what is on Google Drive.

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