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bond beheer

Mar 15, 2018

Cool, but...

A very cool tool, but....
- I would like to be able to switch some things (checks) on or off
- I would like to see more options (perhaps you can check stuff like or other SEO analyzers)
- perhaps check if Google Analytics is installed
- if Google tagmanager is installed
- etc. etc.

Lee Englestone

Jan 3, 2018

False positives with head and header

The extension suggests that I have multiple <head> elements. I presume it is getting confused with the <header> element?
The extension would be improved if this were fixed.

Chris Dermody

Nov 1, 2016

link to google pagespeed insights doesn't work

broken link:

should now use online version:

Ron DeFreitas

Jan 4, 2016

HTML 5 Validation (charset) Failure

Tools required that I add <meta content="text/html;charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type">

but did not recognize that the shorthand of <meta charset="utf-8"/>

Thomas Ardal

Jun 6, 2013

Fail on meta description

When running the test on a site containing a meta description but no meta keywords, the entire rule fails. Maybe you should make two rules or maybe consider dropping the meta keywords check, cause most search engines announced, that meta keywords no longer have effect on SEO.

Great extension BTW!

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