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Danial Nadeem

Oct 9, 2023

Is this extension still working in 2023

Is this extension still working in 2023

Vince Wilson

Sep 2, 2023

its not working

its not working on me, i found one really works

Brian Prager

Aug 3, 2023

This is a malicious app, no queston about it and it should be permanently banned from Chrome

This piece of **** prevents you from logging into the US postal service. The entire purpose to which it claims it is contributing is absolute pack of lies. It's an intruder hosted by the Chrome Webstore which continues to allow it to be here. It took days of being obstructed by this extension to finally figure out that this was the culprit. DO NOT TRY IT!!

Ivan Altaparmakov

Mar 23, 2020

problems with some drop menus in web pages

Hi i have problems with some sites. For example site that has teching platform moodle. There are bunch of dropdown menus and other actions in moodle. They just dont work. I click , and nothing happens. This is also happens in other sites. I noticed that if i disable web boost , the sites start to work. So is there way to list some sites on which web boost to not work. And to wok on all other sites? Or ther is other work around? Thanks


Oct 5, 2019

Cannot go to the next page.

When looking up a solution for a problem I was having with windows 7, yeah that never happens lol, I wasn't able to go to the next page. Incognito worked just fine, so one by one I disabled my extensions and found out Web Boost was the culprit. Here's the site I was on: Hopefully you come up with a fix. Otherwise great extension, thanks.

Mark Mukminov - 馬克

Jul 30, 2019

Can't Download

Im not sure this is universal with web boost or if it is just my computer but i cant seem to download web boost despite having more than 7gb of space on my computer and i keep getting a notification that my hard disk is full... any help?

George Moulton

Jul 26, 2019

want to uninstall web boost

want to uninstall web boost

Clemens Ratte-Polle

May 22, 2019

Web Boost Addon: Differences from Decentraleyes and Disconnect?

What are the differences from Decentraleyes and Disconnect?
Is it useful to have all of them together working?
What is obsolete through Web Boost?
Your advice?
Thank you :)

Shawn Lion

Dec 20, 2018

Web Page does not load

When I go to the website, the web page does not load. Is there a workaround ?

0 0

Oct 22, 2018

When using this plugin I had problems loading JQuery

My friend was testing a web app I made and was having issues so I decided to install the plugin and in the chrome dev console it showed that Jquery could not load from chrome://

Google apps