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Draven Qpowisbznzn

May 27, 2024


怎么可以将今天的浏览器记录发送到我的 邮箱中呢

Michael Knight

Apr 15, 2024

There is no delay button

There is no delay button to postpone the blocking. It says "you can only hit the button once per day" but I pressed it once like a week ago and it never comes back again! Sometimes I need to go back to certain sites for actual information so it's nice to snooze it once in a while. But now it never shows up!

Néstor Paredes

Apr 12, 2024

All web pages total time in extension icon.

Hi! I love your app. Normally, the extension icon shows the current page time, is there a way of showing the total time of all pages? If not, could you please consider to implement that feature? Thank you! 🙏

ivy berreby

Apr 2, 2024

pomodo timer

it would be grate if in the pomodoro tool the time will show up too' then it will help us to focus more

Bala Sundar J

Mar 7, 2024

Individual day limit set

It would be better if the time limit for each application is set for each individual day. If I use more time on sunday, i can extend time limit for sunday alone while other days are limited.

Lori A

Mar 1, 2024

Loving this!

I would like to see a pop-up for the pomodoro and possibly an alert when I have spent X amount of time on website. This is a great app though.

JoJo Cheung

Jan 24, 2024

Visibility of url directory

Is it possible to get a breakdown of directories rolling up to a domain?

Scott Lupus

Jan 8, 2024


Daily tracker option does not work on Thorium browser. The timeframe selected is not shown in the results.


Jan 6, 2024

Block websites during certain hours of the day

Would be really helpful to be able to block all websites on my list during certain hours of the day to be more productive.


Jan 6, 2024

Let us change what time the limiter resets

I want it to reset at 2 AM instead of 12 AM

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