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Weava Support

Dec 18, 2023


Hi all, please note that we DO NOT receive notifications from Google when you post here. So, in case you require our support, please instead contact us directly via our Weava service desk. That way we can offer both better and quicker support to you: And, if you have feature request, please submit those directly at where you also can vote on features. And please note that the more details you can provide us, the easier it is for us to support you, including screenshots and any potential console log errors. Thank you. Traductor de Google: Hola a todos, ten en cuenta que NO recibimos notificaciones de Google cuando publicas aquí. Por lo tanto, en caso de que necesite nuestro apoyo, comuníquese con nosotros directamente a través de nuestra mesa de servicio Weava. De esa manera, podemos ofrecerle un soporte mejor y más rápido: Y, si tiene una solicitud de función, envíela directamente a / donde también puedes votar sobre las características. Y tenga en cuenta que cuantos más detalles nos pueda proporcionar, más fácil será para nosotros brindarle asistencia, incluidas capturas de pantalla y posibles errores de registro de la consola. Gracias.

Rinaldo Silva

Nov 28, 2023


Bom dia, não consigo acessar meu app, a extensão até aparece na janela, porém quando tento acessar não abre a extensão.

Joseph Lew

Oct 1, 2023

how to close weava highter pop-up as it is blocking the website default editing menu

the weava highlighter pop-up blocks the website default editing menu. it gets frustrating. and weava highlighter did not have a means to disable the current site from being accessed by the extension.
Consider adding an option to disallow weava highlighter to read current site's data besides "cant read or change site's data". weava highlighter

Joseph Lew

Oct 1, 2023

unable to add / remove site permission

while chrome extension documentation mentioned there is "site access" configuration, where you can "add" (i.e. “Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit”) or "remove" site permission, I could not find such permission in Weava Highlighter configuration.

Joseph Lew

Oct 1, 2023

unable to block app from accessing chrome "notification"

every time when I click dropdown to select "block" to access to notification, the dropdown will automatically changed to "allow".

Eleanor Haworth

Aug 18, 2023

No longer works

I have the free version and I can no longer use it - I cannot view my pdfs etc. it just asks me to contribute

Rayssa Fernanda Castro de Oliveira Sieklicki

Jun 5, 2023

Cancelamento durante os 7 dias.

Bom dia, assinei a versão paga por um ano, mas durante os 7 dias, me arrependi e solicitei o cancelamento, qual o prazo para fazer o estorno no meu cartão de crédito?

Ros Gw

Mar 11, 2023

On my pc if the extension is active it loads CPU heavily on any Youtube page.

Win10 Chrome 111 All other extensions were disabled when tested.

Greg A.

Feb 22, 2023

Hovering over clickable text links


When one already has a highlight on text alone (non clickable link text), we can easily click on the highlight to quickly remove the highlight. HOWEVER, if you highly a clickable link text or a url, we can not quickly do the same (i.e. quickly remove the highlight). When clicking it goes to the link and we can not remove the highlight. We have to click the Weava dropdown and go find it and then remove it from the sidebar. This wastes a lot of time and also is a good bit annoying. Could you add like a new hotkey option so we can choose a hotkey to open up the little Weava tool box on the highlights or something so we can also quickly remove on clickable text or urls too? And, is the a workaround now somehow in Chrome where we can with a Chrome shortcut or Windows shortcut to disallow clicking on live links and when we click it would bring up the Weava tool box on clickable text and URLs that way or something? Thanks. Greg

Franco V

Feb 12, 2023

Not high lighting.

I have updated my subscription but still nothing is working. Please send me instructions on to start high lighting asap. Thanks.

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