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Harvey Baker

Jun 3, 2024

how do I open the app? It sez i downloaded it from chrome but I can't find it anywhere

how do I down load the app? I can't open it

Mitchell McClure

Apr 17, 2023

error installing extension

Package is invalid! Details: Could not load icon 'Icon16.png' specified in 'icons'.

Shipping British Customs

Jun 29, 2022

Wrong Temp

Google is currently showing 69 but weatherly is showing 93. I have a screen shot I can send. Thank you!

Mitchell McClure

Jun 10, 2022

extension not syncing

installation is not syncing between stations...

Shipping British Customs

Mar 29, 2021

Temp off by 20 degrees

It is currently 51f in Carson (LA) California but the Weatherly extension is showing 37f.

Karthik Srivijay

Dec 14, 2020

I don't think it's working anymore

Hey, it was a great extension until it stopped working. I am not sure it's only happening to me or everyone but I am hoping you'd fix it. For reference, you can see what error it's showing:

yuehao wu

Dec 5, 2019



Mohammad Mahdizadeh

Aug 13, 2019

Updating the Temp

It does not update the temperature unless you click on the extension icon!

Mohammad Mahdizadeh

Aug 11, 2019

Cloud Map

Thanks for the great Extension.
I was wondering is that possible to add Cloud Map to the Extension?! It would be great to see such a feature.

Rose Raper

Jul 31, 2019


Can I chang the color?, I can't see it very well.

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