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Rodger Wasson

Jul 17, 2024

Tried to leave review

I visited the website several times to leave a review, but it does not give me that option. The website is also saying the extension is not available. Please advise!

Johannes Brahms

Jun 13, 2024

Pro Upgrade

Hello, I left a review. I'd love to see the Pro version, please.


Jun 12, 2024

Would love the pro version

I've left a review. Love this extension.

Chris Yeomans

May 7, 2024

Review posted

Love the usefulness of this extension. Please upgrade me to Pro. Thanks

jun midori

Feb 21, 2024

I wrote a revue.

Very useful, thank you.

Vivek Bansal

Feb 9, 2024

Request for Pro Upgradation

Review submitted as per my experience. Kindly update my account to pro

Malik Brothers

Feb 4, 2024

Request for pro upgradation for free

you send me a link for free pro upgrade please upgrade me extension

Trent Isaacson

Jan 18, 2024 partnership?

I noticed the Weather extension updated today (it's the only one I have that did) and suddenly now I'm getting new tabs on all my machines opening to the chrome web store page. Are you partnered with them?

C.E. Nichols

Jan 6, 2024

I left a Review. Can you please upgrade my Weather Extension?

Happy new year!
I left a Review. Can you please upgrade my Weather Extension to the Pro Upgrade?
Thanks so much, I appreciate it!

Mervin C

Nov 20, 2023

Pro Upgrade


I've written a review to qualify for the free pro upgrade.

Much appreciated.


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