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Nov 14, 2023

Use with local files

It seems it doesn't work with HTML files located on PC ?

Malikul Akbar

Sep 6, 2023

add feature make live change color

feature live change at page

Ana Corrêa

May 23, 2023

The extension isn't working in a platform

Hi Jorge,

I am trying to run the checker inside platforms and it does not work (anything that requires a login, such as outlook). Would you know why? does it only work on open webpages?

Awesome tool btw! thanks for that.

Uvindu Harshana

Mar 30, 2023

How did you Make this extension?

What kind of approach you used to make this extension? How did you capture the colors from the site?

Ezequiel Riposati

Jan 26, 2023

The extension isn't working in a specific page

Don't know why, but just in one page the extension isn't working. Is there a chance to force the extension to work? thanks!

Liam Wheldon

Oct 11, 2022

Great tool but could do with an extra feature to help support devs tracking down the issues

Be great if it gave you the element id/class or selector to help track down the offending css/html/js. Even if it just console.log'd the target item, then the dev can take it form there in devtools to backtrack. Some elements which say not visible are near impossible to track. I have a few which weirdly say white background and text, but have no way of identifying what it's picking up with this issue. But similar issue with others, I've had to search for hex (and also convert to rgb) to track down from code, when I feel it could have been possible to do this from this tool with a bit more work.

Just want to reiterate I really like your tool for seeing contrast issues, just a little more help in working out what has the issue and it's be even better :-)

Arne Pedersen

Jan 20, 2021

Change panel position

Hi. I like your tool, but i struggle to find the setting where you change the position of the panel. It covers the whole menu and the most detailed part of our application.

I saw in a comment below that you said "The only option to change the panel position now is to place it in the right of the window instead of the left. If that helps, you can access to it in the configuration panel."

Where is this setting? I've checked the extension settings and the panel settings.

Jawaria Nadeem

Jan 4, 2021

WCAG - Contrast checker

What is the best place for beginner to start?
1. Knowledge Article WCAG - Contrast checker
2. Video for WCAG - Contrast checker
Thank you,

Maksym Kipot

Nov 19, 2020

Reposition the Extension Window

Hello Jeorge and thank you very much for the great tool!

Is there a way to position the Tool Window from the left to the bottom as it covers in test case the area I am checking.

Kind Regards,

Vaibhav Saraf

Aug 24, 2020

Hotkey combination

Hi, Are there any hotkey combinations I can use to activate the extension quickly?

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