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Maximize Your Impact with the Most Powerful WhatsApp™ Solution! Privacy, Contact Saver, Broadcasting, and seemless Integrations.

WAWCD: WhatsApp™ CRM with Contact Saver, Broadcasting & more for enhancing your experience In this digital era, transparent and efficient communication is crucial for everyone. Most businesses struggle to find a solution where they can seamlessly chat with their customers, send meaningful messages, etc. WAWCD stands out as the ultimate tool for WhatsApp enthusiasts who use WhatsApp Business as their primary mode of communication. From the convenience of WhatsApp Web, this Chrome extension offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to elevate your experience. This powerful extension empowers users to streamline their contact management, enhance privacy while using WhatsApp Web on desktops, and leverage the capabilities of ChatGPT, all in one user-friendly interface. It helps you write AI smart replies and paraphrase your responses using ChatGPT, allowing you to reply to your customers promptly. Now let's explore some powerful features of WAWCD and see what it has in store for you. Export Contacts from All WhatsApp Chats With our intuitive export feature, WAWCD simplifies handling your contacts, offering a range of essential functionalities tailored to your needs, just like chat backup and exporting group contacts. a. Chat Export: Whether you want to back up your entire chat history, create an archive of your conversations, or safeguard essential messages, WAWCD makes chat export easy. You can preserve your valuable chat history effortlessly, ensuring that your conversations are secure and accessible whenever you need them. b. Chat Backup: WAWCD has a chat backup feature to prevent your essential messages from vanishing. You can safeguard your chat list, ensuring that crucial conversations are never lost. Keep a reliable record of your chats and revisit them at your convenience without fearing data loss. c. Chat List Management: WAWCD allows you to manage your chat list efficiently, making it simple to sort, categorize, and access your conversations. Now, you no longer have to deal with a cluttered chat list and can seamlessly manage it using this chat list management feature. d. Number Download: If you need to save contact numbers from your chats, WAWCD has got you covered. You can export contact numbers swiftly, ensuring that your address book is always up-to-date with the latest additions from your conversations. In a nutshell, WAWCD empowers you to take control of your contacts, offering comprehensive solutions for chat export, backup, list management, and number download. Stay organized, keep your chats secure, and maintain a current address book, all within the user-friendly interface of our Chrome extension. Export Saved Contacts Only With this feature, you can maintain a tidy list by exporting the contacts that genuinely matter to you. This Chrome extension allows you to selectively export all your saved contacts, ensuring that your address book remains clutter-free and up-to-date. a. Sync Contacts from Web to Phone: With WAWCD, the process is seamless. You can sync contacts from web to phone, ensuring those you've saved in WhatsApp will always be at your fingertips. b. Export All Saved Contacts: WAWCD allows you to export all your saved contacts. Whether you're transitioning to a new device or want a backup, our tool simplifies the process, ensuring you have quick access to your essential contacts whenever and wherever you need them. Now, you will be able to handle managing an overcrowded contact list. With WAWCD, you have control over your saved contacts, ensuring they are efficiently synchronized with your phone and readily available for your communication needs. Export Unsaved Contacts Only Now, you can simplify your contact list by exporting all unsaved numbers from your chats. With our Chrome extension, you can easily organize your contacts and reach out to unsaved numbers whenever needed. a. Label Export: With WAWCD's label export feature, you can manage your group numbers and chats efficiently. This feature grants you the freedom to export contacts selectively, whether from all groups, specific group contacts, or labeled chats. Simplify your experience and access the contacts you want with this Chrome extension. Privacy Features in WAWCD At WAWCD, safeguarding your privacy is extremely important. Our extension introduces a suite of advanced privacy features, ensuring that your conversations remain confidential. We understand the importance of discreet communication and privacy in contemporary times as it is a primary mode of communication among business people, colleagues, etc. With WAWCD, you can take control of your privacy like never before. You can blur recent message previews, adding an extra layer of confidentiality to your chats. This feature ensures your colleagues cannot see your sensitive messages while you are using WhatsApp login on your desktop. Additionally, this privacy extension enables you to blur profile pictures, maintaining the anonymity of your contacts. Contact names can also be concealed, safeguarding the identities of those you communicate with. It also offers a Lock feature, providing enhanced security. With this feature, you can lock your WhatsApp Web, requiring a password for access. This added layer of protection ensures that your conversations remain strictly between you and your intended recipients, and your colleagues can’t read your messages while you are away from your desktop. Advanced Features Now, let’s talk about some of our advanced features for your enhanced Web experience. a. Contact Synchronization: Syncing your contacts with your mobile phone has always been challenging. Our extension mobile app automates this process, ensuring your contact list remains up-to-date across devices. b. Smart Replies: Interacting with customers can be a redundant task. Why not have AI help us in this tedious task? Now, you can send smart replies to your customers using ChatGPT. This feature enhances your conversations with AI replies, allowing for rephrasing through ChatGPT. Our AI-driven reply system can automate up to 70% of customer queries, offering instant and accurate responses. This system ensures that your customers receive prompt assistance, enhancing their experience and saving valuable time. c. Broadcasting: You can easily reach multiple recipients at once with bulk messaging to share important updates, promotions, or announcements, including all types of media broadcasting. Schedule your messages at the most convenient times. Our broadcasting functionality allows you to send bulk messages, ensuring that your message is delivered to your entire contact list efficiently. Whether text updates, images, videos, or documents, WAWCD supports all media types for your broadcasting needs. d. Schedule Messaging: The feature of scheduled messages allows you to plan and send messages at your convenience. Suppose you are running a business and want to manage professional communications with your customers or send them product updates. In that case, this functionality enables you to set up delayed replies to your customers, ensuring your messages are sent precisely when they will have the most significant impact. Delayed replies offer the flexibility to respond strategically, whether you want to create anticipation or ensure your messages align with your recipients'/customers' schedules. e. ChatGPT: Using WhatsApp while interacting with customers can be a redundant task. Why not have AI help us in this tedious task? Now, you can send smart replies to your customers using ChatGPT. This feature enhances your conversations with AI replies, allowing for rephrasing through ChatGPT. You can seamlessly navigate language nuances, refine your messaging, and ensure clarity in your discussions. Discover the art of precision and understanding through ChatGPT, taking your interactions to a new level of sophistication and effectiveness. With this Chrome extension mobile app, your web experience is about to reach new heights. Stay connected, organized, and secure, all in one seamless extension. Welcome to a more innovative way of using WhatsApp Web! You can enjoy all sorts of features like exporting contacts, syncing contacts, media broadcasting, broadcasting, bulk messaging, scheduled messages, delayed replies, and paraphrasing using ChatGPT, all in one WAWCD extension. Download now!

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Admission TCEAJun 20, 2024

please provide me the licence key as soon as possible, payment done for one year premium subscription. Also I have send the email for licence key. Do the needfulI as soon as possible.

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triana sofianingsihJun 12, 2024

good aplication for business support

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saptono fxJun 12, 2024

this apps if very powerfull and impressive


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