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Yogesh Oganiya

Mar 13, 2024

Hi dear

I have mobiles, how can I use them?
Wavenet chrome

Richard Rosenman

Aug 30, 2023

Quality Option

Hi there;

I just went through the process and got Google Cloud Text-To-Speech set up. Your Chrome extension seems to be working so far (just with one line of text). I will be using this for videos.

However, I noticed the maximum quality for download is MP3 64kb, which is very, very low! WAV and OGG don't seem to specify the bit rate. Is there any higher quality download option? The audio will have to be quite clear for these videos...

Please advise.


Kyle Behse

Aug 10, 2023

Feature Request - Saved Audio Playback Settings

Hey Michael, I was just using your extension again (like a seem to do a lot) and was thinking... wouldn't it be cool if I could save all my different characters profiles? ie: a Save Profile button, where I get to name the profile and saves the language, the voice, speed, pitch and gain. Just like you have with the pre-selects (Audio Profile), except they would be unique to my selections. Not even sure if it's doable, as I'm not sure where the data would be saved (locally, or in the cloud) but it crossed my mind and I thought I would bring it up. Cheers!!

Leon Brown

Jul 22, 2023

Read aloud stopped working.

Hi there. Great work on the plugin. The latest update has stopped the read aloud functionality from working. Speech can be downloaded as a file, but not played when selecting the read aloud option.

Mark Henry

Jul 21, 2023


I am trying to add a new API key however, the extension shows the old API key. How can I remove this please? Thanks.

Jason M

Jul 21, 2023

Voice Pitch

Pitch settings set to low, normal, or high is not very intuitive. The sweet spot for each specific voice has its own range sometimes in the 0.5-0.8 while others have the ideal pitch in the 1.15-1.4. Please restore the old pitch range options! Thanks!

Kyle Behse

Jul 20, 2023

Wav and Ogg download will only export first sentence. Sometimes skips sentences in mp3 mode too.

•Wav and Ogg download will only export first sentence.
•Sometimes skips sentences in mp3 mode too.
•Speed has defaults (1, 1.25, etc), can we fine tune to 1.1 again?
•Pitch has defaults, can we fine tune?

The voices I was using can no longer be created. I have a character that is fine tuned with the speed and pitch, and can no longer recreate his voice.

Is there a way to roll back to a previous version? This update still has a lot of bugs. *Thanks for all your hard work though, it's a great extension!

Tom Baratella

May 11, 2023


Olá tudo bem? consigo através desse programa alterar a voz de um cantor pelo outro?

Deniz Perçin

Oct 19, 2022

Neural Link Support

Please add Neural 2 support <3

Vagif Gasimov

Sep 1, 2021


It does not work. can you help me?

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