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Maksim Pelevin

Feb 14, 2024


Can this extension mark videos that I have liked (or disliked)?

Rocco V

Nov 14, 2023

Videos marked watched when not watched

Is there some problem now with this extension? Used to work properly all the time. Now, on numerous occasions, I see videos marked watched that I'm pretty sure I didn't watch. Am I the only one? Are there any conflicts that could cause problems with this extension?

Elias Billqvist

Jun 6, 2023

Video loops when alt tabbed

When I watch a video in a playlist and the video ends and the other one starts up after around 10 seconds of the next video it just loops back to 0 seconds and goes up to 10 seconds and back to 0 seconds. It only happens when I'm not tabbed in on the youtube video.

Jakub Novotny

Apr 11, 2023

video is marked as "watched" only after I liked / disliked

Hello, can you please add an option, that video is marked as "watched" only after I liked / disliked the video? Normally I open video and close it if I dont have time to watch it, so putting there the like/dislike button is for me the only indication I use

John Doe

Mar 6, 2023

Did it break for anyone else?

Did it break for anyone else?

Jay E

Jan 23, 2023

When a video ends

When a youtube video ends it shows some of the blocked channels in the 4x3 grid of "next to watch" video thumbnails. Can we have this extension remove those video thumbnails? Perhaps replace them with a black rectangle.?

luis gomez

Nov 6, 2022

youtube update 11/6/2022

youtube new update grey out not working 11/6/2022

Duke Lee

Jul 2, 2022


Cannot import the .txt file that you get from export.

Austin Griffith

Mar 16, 2022

UI no longer marking things as watched.

Stopped showing an overlay for me recently, anyone else having issues?

Gunnar Guðvarðarson

Feb 15, 2022

An external database!

An external database, one that I can then put in dropbox or resilio sync, so that it could sync between computers.

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