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daniel anderson

Nov 10, 2022

doesn't play well with craiglist

"There was an error loading the page.

refresh the page."

Hari Krishna Dara

Mar 2, 2022

Using in Google Keep

I installed this extension mainly to make editing experience in Google Keep (I use the app, not the web page). I started a new blank note and was able to bring it up in Wasavi. I pasted the link "" and saved it and the note got updated. When I opened the note again in Wasavi, it showed up wrapped in tag like this "<wasavi:a id="tmpid_1166"></wasavi:a>". When I :wq out of it and reopened it, I saw one more level of tags, like this: "<wasavi:a id="tmpid_9610"><wasavi:a id="tmpid_1362"></wasavi:a></wasavi:a>". Further repetitions don't add more levels of wrapping, but the 2 levels seem to persist even after further editing sessions. Interestingly, Google Keep continues to show the link perfectly fine, and the tags go away once I close the note and reopen it. Should I be worried about corrupting my existing notes by editing with Wasavi? Would it be possible to avoid these links from getting wrapped?

Asa Zernik

Jun 20, 2021

Breaks the subtitles editor

Disabling Wasavi fixed that site. During failed attempts, I noted:

1. A failure to fetch a page_context from chrome-extensions://$WASAVI-ID/*

2. A console error indicating a failure in amara JS to find "childNode" on some element or other.

John Devine

Aug 7, 2019

Suddenly crashing with "This extension may have been corrupted"

in Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) Chrome Version 76.0.3809.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Extension stops working and "This extension may have been corrupted." error message appears in the Extensions page. Pressing "repair" does not fix it. Removing and reloading from Google web store fixed problem momentarily, but it reappears several seconds into the first use after activating it in a textarea. Have been loving and relying on this extension. Please help if you can :) Thanks!

Ryan Badour

Jul 31, 2019

Period (.) does not repeat change (c) correctly

When I try to repeat a change command such as "cwhello world" it doesn't insert the characters I typed. Instead it would do the deletion, "dw" from the above example.

Ryan Badour

Jul 31, 2019

Word seems to be implemented incorrectly

Motions like e, w, and b should move to the edge of blocks of text delimited by non-word characters. However with Wasavi it considers period (.) a word character and will consider text such as "" as one word. This isn't consistent with Vanilla Vim settings.

Could this either be revert to default behaviour or provide a way to configure this?

Nihar Gargava

Nov 8, 2018

How do I turn off the sounds?

I want to mute the audio ques in this program. Is it possible to do so?

Nattapol Kamolbal

Aug 1, 2018

Multiple lines don't work with OneNote Online

On OneNote Online, I can access the editor (ctrl+enter) but when I save multiple line and quit, the result only show the first line.

OS: Ubuntu 16.4
Browser: Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 4, 2018

Support for gmail

Is there support for gmail?

When I press shift-control-v in gmail the text of the email is selected. But that same key sequence works on stackoverflow so I think I have wasavi installed correctly.

Sean Boyle

Dec 8, 2017


Is there a trick to getting it to work with Tiddlywiki?

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