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View your Wandrer map data in a variety of route planning tools, including Strava, Komoot and RideWithGPS

The Wandrer Map Overlay Extension lets you view your Wandrer map data in popular route planning tools, making it easy to plan routes that take you new places. Currently supported route planning tools: * RideWithGPS * Strava * Komoot * MapMyRide / MapMyRun * plotaroute.com * bikemap.net * dynamicWatch * BRouter / BikeRouter * Garmin Connect * Veloviewer Requires an upgraded account on Wandrer. About Wandrer Wandrer is the outdoor game that you win by going places you've never been before. The main rule is: you get credit for every road you travel, but only once. So if you want to progress, you have to go new places. Find out more at https://wandrer.earth/ Version History: Fix Komoot compatibility Fix Garmin compatibility Some small Bikemap and Komoot fixes Restore compatibility with Bikemap Add support for Google map layers in RideWithGPS and fix a bug around display of untraveled roads. Partial fix for RideWithGPS and the Wandrer extension. The Google maps layers are not yet functional, but all others should be. Improve compatibility with Strava, RideWithGPS, and Garmin Fix a bike/foot icon swap in RideWithGPS Add support for toggling paved and unpaved road visibility Update compatibility with RideWithGPS Go someplace together! You can now display the Wandrer data for two additional friends directly in the extension to help you plan routes together. Also fix a RideWithGPS rendering issue. Fix compatibility with Garmin and Komoot route planners Bugfix with changing map type on Komoot Bugfix with Strava data display Bugfix with Komoot data display Bugfix with Strava data display Bugfix with Komoot data display Bugfix with distance reporting in MapMyRide/MapMyRun Bugfix with distance reporting in Strava Bugfix with distance reporting in Komoot Show Wandrer data in additional Veloviewer maps and display traveled + unpaved roads as dashed lines Add support for viewing Wandrer map data in the Veloviewer explorer Fix display with different map layers in Komoot. Fix a bug in the previous version where map layers weren't showing correctly. Set default road layer colors Improve the color picker, allowing setting of transparency Fix RideWithGPS styling to be more consistent with other sites and the Wandrer site. Bugfixes with the Strava route planner. Add support for Garmin Connect route maker and fix some bugs around displaying new length Hopefully address a bug with the extension key not being properly saved. Bugfixes Add early support for activities on foot Bug fix with the popup window size being too small in Chrome 94 Bug fix with changing map styles on Komoot Bug fix with calculating route length on Strava More bug fixes Bug fixes with Strava Bug fixes Add support for BikeRouter Bug fixes Added support for dynamicWatch and improved Komoot compatibility Updated to work with Komoot once again! Added support for Bikemap.net Bug fixes (better Komoot support, preserve color choices after sign-out/sign-in) Add MapMyRide/MapMyRun and Plotaroute support Add different styling for "unpaved" roads, displaying them as dashed lines Fix an issue with the extension not loading on Komoot route edit pages Fix an issue with the extension not loading on Strava route edit pages Add support for additional Komoot websites Add support for Komoot route planner Fix a bug where some roads were incorrectly shown as ridden in RideWithGPS Add missing support for Strava route edit pages Adds support for the Strava route planning tool Also display Wandrer map data in the RWGPS route edit view Added a live tally of the expected new length for the route, displayed under the extension's icon Added the ability to change the color of traveled and untraveled road layers Initial release

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Frank NoirMay 14, 2024

The Wandrer Map Overlay Extension has been a game-changer for planning my cycling routes on Komoot, helping me effortlessly find and explore untraveled roads. It integrates smoothly with Komoot, enhancing my route planning experience by visually marking new paths to conquer. Truly a must-have for any cyclist keen on making every ride an adventure and discovering every nook of the road less traveled!

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alexMay 12, 2024

stopped working with komoot.com

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Craig DurkinDeveloperMay 12, 2024

Jeez, straight to a 1 star review? You could have at least emailed me first... This review feels unfair because it's penalizing me for things out of my control. The whole point of the Wandrer extension is to work with other routing websites. But I don't control anything that those websites do, and they frequently make changes that break compatibility with the Wandrer extension. 99% of the releases I've done of this extension are fixing compatibility issues that those sites have introduced. The other thing I don't control is the timing. I'd understand your review if Komoot compatibility had been broken for months, but it's been literally 2 or 3 days. Even if I had been able to fix this the moment it broke, it takes Google a few days to approve extension updates, and maybe another day for your browser to download it. So even if I had addressed this as quickly as I possibly could, you'd still be unhappy.

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Travis HughesAug 15, 2023

The unridden (red) lines don't show up in strava anymore (chrome web version) with the version

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