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This wallabag v2 extension has the ability to edit title and tags and set starred, archived, or delete states.

Wallabagger is extension for add pages to wallabag, with ability to: save current page edit title add (with autocomplete!) and remove tags set starred and archived delete What is wallabag? wallabag is a self hostable application allowing you to not miss any content anymore. More informations on website: wallabag.org New in 1.17.0 - Update README.md - Broken tutorial link fix - Pass hashed URL to Wallabag when testing for entry existence, rather than cleartext URL New in 1.16.0 - adds an option to fetch locally by default New in 1.15.0 - Translations updated New in 1.14.0 - Fetch content directly from the browser New in 1.13.1 - Avoid unarchive state if ArchiveByDefault not set (existing entries were unarchive by default) New in 1.13.0 - Add support for dark theme in Firefox - popup: Make delete button primary New in 1.12.0 - Update Croatian translation for messages.json - Update German translation for messages.json New in 1.11.0 - Add Croatian (hr) translation - Auto add tag if found only one - Default popup wallabag icon style updated (vertical spacing added) - Input values trimmed (copy/paste with extra starting or ending spaces cleaned) New in 1.10.4 - reducing permissions New in 1.10 - Japanese translation - backspace returns last tag to edit - Fix popup action buttons accessibility - selecting and deleting tags with keyboard New in 1.9 - china translation - option for automatic archive article New in 1.7 - Open preferences in another tab (same behavior between browsers) - Responsive layout improved - Better wallabag's URL handling (protocol removing, protocol type detection) - Fix icon keeping the good green status - Meta charset added to popup.html - Fix translation typo - Open options page after installed New in 1.6 -some fixes New in 1.4.5 - French and Russian translations - some fixes New in 1.4.4 -navigate in found tags with Ctrl+Arrows -some fixes New in v1.3 - Indication that this page is already saved by green icon - Option to enable\disable indication New in v1.2 - Hotkeys for background saving - Context menu for saving page and link - Context menu items for goto various wallabag pages - Tagging work improvements - Webextension compatibility - works in Firefox browser New in v1.1 - Fixed archived flag - implements : option "Allow space in tags" switch fix tags key to enter - focus set to tag input right after open - right key add first found tag New in v1.4 - totally asyncronous, much faster New in v1.4.2 - fixed saving with context menu

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