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Maria Clavadetscher

Aug 22, 2020

disappearing farmhouse

the farmhouse disappeared and I can't get it back. How do I get it back

Marco Piazza

Mar 13, 2019

Temi Walking Dead Farmhouse

Suddenly a white frame of 2 cm was created with the logo code at the bottom right in the frame. Do I see if it comes back to its original position on its own or do I have to do something? Thank you

Andres Albarran

May 12, 2018


¿cómo puedo quitar el tema? ayuda, plox

lea kirkendall

Feb 9, 2015

New Theme Ideas

I love the Farm theme. I would love to see "The Prison" "Woodbury" and our new "Alexandria Safe Zone" which is really amazing. I've got some awesome picture, because I follow spoiler and filming information very closely and some of my friends have gone and gotten awesome shots of the locations to would be so useful to you in creating some new themes. You can email me at or reach me on Facebook at Lea Marie Kirkendall. I'd love to hear from you guys and help you out with some pictures to use for new themes. Have a great day

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