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The Ultimate WhatsApp Bulk Sender Tool

Enhance your WhatsApp messaging strategy with the WA Sender Extension, the ultimate WhatsApp sender Chrome extension. This tool is expertly designed for those who need to manage WhatsApp bulk messaging, from small businesses to large enterprises. Key Feature: 1. Import phone numbers directly from Excel, making this WhatsApp bulk sender software incredibly efficient for large-scale campaigns. 2. Our WhatsApp bulk message sender allows you to Send WhatsApp message without saving number. 3. Save commonly used texts as templates for different communication scenarios, enhancing response speed. 4. Include photos, videos and other types of attachments in your bulk WhatsApp messages. 5. Send business cards to promote yourself more efficiently. 6. Customize messages based on specific details of recipients, making each WhatsApp message personalized and professional. 7. Display the progress of the message sending campaign in real time, so you can know the sending status at any time. 8. Automatically record the details of each bulk send for subsequent effectiveness analysis. 9. Easily manage past sending campaigns with a single click to review historical bulk message records. 10. Automatically check the validity of WhatsApp numbers to improve sending efficiency. 11. A series of security measures are provided to protect your WhatsApp account as much as possible. How to use: 1. Enter the name of the campaign. 2. Enter a list of phone numbers or import an Excel file. 3. Enter the message content. 4. Set the sending time interval. 5. Start sending. Disclaimer: This Chrome extension is not officially endorsed or certified by WhatsApp Inc. It is an independent enhancement tool designed to improve user experience on WhatsApp, and should be used in compliance with the policies of WhatsApp Inc.

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ይህ ገንቢ የእርስዎ ውሂብ የሚከተሉትን መሆኑን አውጇል

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