VPN Free - Betternet Unlimited VPN Proxy
تصویر نشان‌واره محصول VPN Free - Betternet Unlimited VPN Proxy

VPN Free - Betternet Unlimited VPN Proxy


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رسانه موردی ۵ نماگرفت
رسانه موردی ۱ نماگرفت
رسانه موردی ۱ نماگرفت
رسانه موردی ۲ نماگرفت
رسانه موردی ۳ نماگرفت
رسانه موردی ۴ نماگرفت
رسانه موردی ۵ نماگرفت

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Get the fast VPN to unblock any website and stay private. Maintain your internet privacy with the best VPN for unlimited access

Easily access all your favorite content while staying anonymous online with the best VPN for Chrome - Betternet! Betternet VPN is a fast VPN proxy for Chrome that gives users unlimited access to the internet. Our secure VPN masks your IP address, encrypts your internet traffic, turns public wifi into a private network while unblocking sites so that you can bypass geo-restrictions and maintain your internet privacy. Get Betternet Unlimited VPN Proxy to: ► Unlimited VPN Connect to our free VPN service without worrying about any restrictions to your VPN connection. Get a premium VPN experience for free with Betternet. ► One-click to Connect Get access to unlimited VPN service for free with a simple click of the “connect” button. Just one click and you will be connected to our fast VPN servers for a private browsing experience. ► Unblock Websites and Apps Unblock any apps or websites using Betternet’s unlimited VPN. Bypass government censorship and geo-restrictions with Betternet’s fast VPN to access social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Snapchat, etc. or any other blocked websites from anywhere! ► Anonymous Connection and Privacy Protection Using a private VPN connection, your IP and location will be masked and your activities can no longer be tracked on the Internet. Betternet’s free VPN service is your privacy guard and better than web proxy servers. ► Secure Your Browser Betternet secures your Chrome browsers’ connection while you’re connected to public wifi or hotspots. It works just like a free Tor proxy (the Onion Router) but it’s even more secured. Your internet passwords and personal data are secured and you are protected from cybercriminals. ► Surf anonymously at Fast Speed Betternet VPN is fast! It detects your location automatically and connects you to the nearest and fastest VPN server while maintaining your anonymity. ► Shield WiFi Hotspot Betternet’s fast VPN proxy uses advanced VPN technology to encrypt your network traffic, enabling you to connect to a website via HTTPS, providing a secured shield to your WiFi hotspot. Three main features of a VPN: • Incognito Browsing - Using a free VPN you don’t even have to install any incognito browser. Simply turn on your free VPN and all of your Internet traffic is completely encrypted. Your online activities are completely anonymous. • Wifi Safety - Your online traffic is encrypted through a secure VPN connection and is protected from the risks of public wifi. • Location Spoofer - Our private VPN hides your IP address so that your location is masked and you are able to bypass geo-restrictions to access any content anywhere. Contact us If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our unlimited free vpn, feel free to reach us on support@betternet.co or visit our website https://www.betternet.co for more information. By the way, don’t forget to follow our twitter account @betternet_co and Facebook http://fb.com/betternet.co to stay tuned. Copyright © 2020 Pango Inc.

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کار نمیکنه 1402/10/12

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Mordad khezerlou۲۶ بهمن ۱۴۰۰

اکستنشن اش ادای وصل شدن رو درمیاره ولی کار نمیکنه. یه ستاره اضافی دادم چون برنامه اش خیلی عالیه و خیلی وقته از برنامه اش استفاده میکنم (توی ویندوز)

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VPN Free - Betternet Unlimited VPN Proxy اطلاعات زیر را برای شفاف‌سازی درخصوص جمع‌آوری و استفاده از داده‌هایتان ارائه کرده است. اطلاعات کامل‌تر و دقیق‌تر را می‌توانید در خط‌مشی رازداری توسعه‌دهنده پیدا کنید.

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