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Mihail Stamboliev

May 22, 2024

Full screen bug

Whenever I use the extension to adjust my volume on a website playinh video content, I am unable to enter full screen mode.

Suburban Steve

May 21, 2024

No full screen

Works perfectly, except when watching movies it will not enter full screen when being used which is a shame because it's great otherwise.


May 20, 2024

Patrick Kope for Volume Master

the Patrick Kope band television show

earlclinton cabusas

May 13, 2024

ackxjvb b


Truth of life

May 12, 2024


why i can't install app

Hfu Njgighno

May 12, 2024



Jose Atencio

May 11, 2024

Problema para la instalacion

no lo puedo instalar

Michael P

May 9, 2024

Casting from screen stops when using Volume Master

For over a year I have been using Volume Master when casting from the screen on my laptop (all chrome products) with great results. Now when I use Volume Master in this way the casting from my screen, after a minute, stops. Then my chrome cast resets. Why?

Dimitar “mitko8009” Mitev

May 9, 2024

BG Translation (Bulgarian)

In Bulgarian, there are different words for "volume" depending on the context; it can mean 10+ different things with 10+ different words. For example, "volume" as a size (like cubic measure) in Bulgarian is "Обем", but "sound volume" is "сила на звука".
So the extension description in BG is "До 600% увеличение на обема", but it should be "До 600% увеличение на силата на звука".

mikako 1111

May 7, 2024

「プロモーションを含みます」がVolume Masterに重複する問題を解決してほしい

Youtubeは「プロモーションを含みます」という表示が画面左上にでてきます。Volume Masterも同じ位置にあるため操作ができません。解決策として、Volume Massterを右上に移動してほしい。次回のアップデートで改善されることを願う。

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